“Elections Have To Be Inclusive” Roth

“Hotel Service Charge Burdens Consumers,” Binayak Shaha

“Nepal No Part Of Any Hindu Nationalist Expansion” Lord Megnad Desai

“We enjoy excellent people to people relations between Nepal and the UK” Ambassador Richard Morris

Nepal Can Benefit From Israeli Technology: Herman

“Prospects Of Small Farmers Improving” Jalan Kumar Sharma

“Locals Need Training As First Responders To Crisis” Fordham Fellows

“Women's Progress Will Take Time To Trickle Down” Bandana Rana

"Lack Of Political Will Stalling Elections” Krishna Man Pradhan

“Blaming Banks For Liquidity Crisis Is No Solution” Ashoke SJB Rana

“Statute Change Must Before Polls” Rajendra Mahato

“EC Is All Set To Hold Polls If Announced”Gopi Nath Mainali

"Excited To Start Historical Climate Data Work"

“Our Attitude To Foreign Investors Should Change” Gandhi Pandit

“Many Acts Of Legislation Necessary”

Nepal Should Use Experts To Evaluate Quake Resilience

“Existing Productive Capacity Has Constrained Trade” Naindra Prasad Upadhyay

“Marie Stopes International is making the world a better place”

“Russia is a Eurasian power with the bulk of its territory located in Asia” Sergey Lavrov

“Nepali Embassy Will Help British Investors, Visitors” Ambassador Subedi

“We Are Working To End Power crisis” Janardan Sharma Pravakar

Nepal’s FDI Law Should Have One Interpretation

"Himali Project's Progress Satisfactory"

“No Need to Redefine Nepal Army”

“We Are Improving Immigration Process”

“We Can Prevent Student Money Going Abroad”

“NAP On NAPA And LAPA Experiences”

“Japan Has Always Been The True Friend of Nepal” Ambassado Masashi Ogawa

“JICA Has Provided Seamless Support” Jun

“Nepal And Japan Share A Lot”

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Vol.10,No 17, April 21,2017 (Baisakh 08,2074)


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