China Study Center Organizes OBOR Seminar

Himalaya Airlines Flying Dubai

Nepal and The United States Celebrates 70th Anniversary of U.S.-Nepal Diplomatic Relations

World Bank Launches New Center

IDPG Issues Statement on Local Elections

British Ambassador Morris Hosted A Reception

JICA Supported Seminar on Earthquake

U.S. Starts Rebuilding 15 Schools in Earthquake-Hit Districts

KOICA Volunteers Supports Clinical Staffs

India Abolishes CVD on Nepalese jute products

BPNIS Calls to Defend Traditional Religion of Nepal

World Vision continues to stand with survivors

Myanmar Embassy celebrates traditional water festival, Thingyan

SFDP provides mason training to its members

IDPG issues a statement on second Anniversary of 2015 Earthquake

Joint Field Visits By UN Bodies

Eleventh Meeting of Nepal-India Joint Committee on inundation and flood management concludes

President Bidya Bhandari Completes Her Visit to India

Nepal-U.S Third TIFA Meeting Concluded

Philippe Receives French Award

Ram Chandra Khanal Appointed As CEO NIC Asia Capital

Indian Culture Center Organizes Bhangra Performance

Forty-one Nepali students win awards from Cambridge International Examinations

Peace Corps Celebrates 55th Anniversary in Nepal

German Parliament’s vice President Claudia Roth Completes Nepal visit

Indian Embassy Celebrated Hazart Mahal’s Death Anniversary

Vice President of German Parliament To visit Nepal

ONGC Everest Expedition 2017 flagged off

Raising Productive Growth Is Critical For Middle-Income Asia: ADB Study

Ensuring access to quality education and safe schools

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Vol.10,No 17, April 21,2017 (Baisakh 08,2074)


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