Reactionaries Working Against Changes


Jan. 10, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 04 No .-14 Jan. 07-2011 (Poush 23,2067)

It is a very crucial time in the history of Nepal. The country may see the peace process crumble and a new round of conflict begin. This conflict will be more chaotic than the past one. We need to avoid such a situation because it will benefit no major political force but give an ample room to regressive, reactionary and external forces to manipulate it in their favor. The mandate of People’s Movement II is also to write the new inclusive constitution by accommodating aspirations of all the people of Nepal. UCPN-Maoist is committed to it.

As the situation is gradually worsening, regressive and feudalistic forces are trying to come back by discrediting the on-going political process. From the very beginning, reactionaries and feudalistic elements, with backing from foreign powers, have been taking steps to destroy the changes. Now, they are getting upper hands and waiting for the right time to fish in the troubled waters. UCPN-Maoist has been making every effort to avoid a new confrontation.  Given the conspiracy of external foreign powers and feudalistic and reactionary forces, one cannot rule out any kind of situation. So far as UCPN-Maoist is concerned, it is committed to peace process and new constitution.

Despite UCPN-Maoist’s insistence to extend the tenure of UNMIN till the completion of the peace process, the caretaker government, led by prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, sent a letter to UN Security Council to terminate its tenure. This government has no mandate to take such an important decision. Our party has already submitted its views to UN Security Council, seeking to continue UN presence in Nepal, to monitor arms and ammunitions.  The modality proposed by the government for monitoring by the Joint Committee is not acceptable to us.  Even if UNMIN leaves, there must be some sort of UN presence to monitor the arms.

I don’t think anyone can fill the vacuum left by UNMIN. UCPN-Maoist is committed to peace process and our party wants to see the new constitution for a federal, democratic Nepal through existing Constituent Assembly by April 2011. If UNMIN pulls out from the country without viable alternative to monitor the arms, it will create a more complicated situation. This is the reason our party has already sent a letter to UN seeking some sorts of presence of UN in case the extension of UNMIN is impossible. Our party hopes that UN Security Council will consider our request.

One of the important aspects of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement is the integration of Maoist People’s Army and Democratization of Nepal Army.  We are yet to achieve them. This is the reason our party proposed for the continuation of UNMIN in Nepal. Another important aspect is writing the new constitution for Federal, Democratic and Republic Nepal.  The tenure of Constituent Assembly is short but we can write the constitution if an all-party government is formed under our leadership. As the largest party, it is natural for us to claim the leadership in the new government.  However, internal and external forces are hatching conspiracies against the formation of our government. Such forces have played a role not to extend the tenure of UNMIN.

As there is a growing difference among major political forces, regressive and reactionary forces have become active to destroy the peace process and achievements made by us in the last four years. It is very unfortunate that the external force is trying to sabotage the peace process.  The caretaker government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal is working to destroy the peace process. Prime minister Nepal’s activities are directed towards it. One can see growing numbers of articles against the very foundation of peace process including federalism, republicanism and secularism in Nepal.  Even some forces are openly challenging them. This is because of disputes among the forces of change.

UCPN-Maoist is very flexible to find a political solution. We have proposed several models but Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have not given any positive indications.  As the largest party, we want to stress once again that UCPN-Maoist should be given prime ministership to lead the next all party government. Once the issue of the next government is settled, the constitution writing process will also take motion.  I am confident that the new constitution will be drafted by May 2011 once political parties agree on the formation of the government. It is a wishful thinking to see the new government without our participation. No one can write the new constitution sidelining us since we are the largest party in the parliament. Even the civil society members, academicians and intellectuals have been suggesting that UCPN-Maoist should be given to lead the government.

People’s Army is not a threat to democratic process. Thanks to their presence, we have been able to exercise Loktnatra. Their sacrifice and contribution to abolish monarchy and writing the new constitution must be acknowledged.  People’s Army should be integrated giving them respect not through humiliation. They have shown caution and passion for more than three years living in cantonment under UNMIN’s supervision. Once the writing of the new constitution is completed, the integration process will complete too.
(As Told to New Spotlight)

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