Our Youths Are Producing World Class Results

<br>Sudhir Kumar Jha

April 8, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 04 No.-20 April 08-2011 (Chaitra 25,2067)

I feel really proud to be amidst a group of extraordinary achievers of the country. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the young achievers for their splendid performance in the final examination of A-Levels. I would also like to congratulate and thank their teachers,  parents and schools. My sincere regards to the Cambridge International Examination Board and the British Council, Nepal.

I understand we are here to celebrate but I would also like to share a little thought about education. I feel education is a critical determinant of the country's overall transformation which ensures progress in all the spheres of life. No doubt, it should be equitable,efficient, research based and practical.

Hence, teachers should help children learn that inward and personal growth is directly linked to the outward development of one's surrounding. Further, school administrators, should build the schools where each individual's progress is linked to the collective good,thus discovering the key to widespread social development of the country. And whatever happens in our classroom today will reflect in the larger society tomorrow.

I believe that Cambridge GCE A-Level has been able to cater to the need of global system of education in local context. The University of Cambridge has been ranked the world's top university in the 010university rankings league table created by QS, a global career and education network. The University has produced the highest number of  Nobel Prize Winners of Science till date. Institutions affiliated to
University of Cambridge here in Nepal are trying their best to make the whole learning much more interactive, collaborative and experiential to prove excellence in education.

Moving on to CEAN, it believes in positive interaction. Several motivating and self-help programs are being conducted at regular intervals. This year also we conducted trainings for teachers in ten different subjects. Many extracurricular events took place last week itself. We are further planning to have trainings for fresh teachers as well. Similarly, we are also thinking to conduct workshops for counselors, coordinators, administrators and principals in the near future. The second issue of CEAN Newsletter is with you. CEAN feels the need of Nepal Studies as a paper AS-level and wants to contribute for it as demanded by CIE and BC.

It is a great pride for us that our young minds have been able to produce world class results and it is not for the first time. This clearly indicates that our students are equally capable to compete in the global arena. Students, who in this early age can achieve this,  are obviously going to be an asset for the nation tomorrow. I would therefore like to urge them to think and use their expertise for the overall development of the nation in the days to come.
(Jha is a president of Cambridge Educators Association Nepal and Principle of Chelsea International Academy.)


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