Conspiracy Afoot To Check Change


May 1, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 04 No.-21 April 29-2011 (Baisakh 16,2068)

The current political situation is fluid as major political parties which brought the change are divided over minor issues. Had we had the courage; we would have solved the country’s problems a long time ago by promulgating the new constitution. The country has been passing though a transitional phase, which is always painful. During this time, some may make efforts to fish in troubled waters. This has been happening now. At a time when the country’s major political parties are divided over several constitutional matters, reactionaries thrive. People may have to sacrifice a little bit but nobody can reverse the change and transformation brought by the people through their long sacrifice and struggle. It took us almost 60 years to realize the people’s wishes to turn Nepal into a federal democratic republic with secular credentials.

As in the past, Nepal’s major political forces, UCPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML need to come together for the cause of democracy and rights of the people. If they continue to get divided as now, counter revolutionary and revisionist forces will get fertile ground to reverse the change. I am certain that our leadership has the capability and culture to sit together and find political solutions. Our party UCPN-Maoist has a clear stand on constitutional issues. We want the constitution for a secular, federal People’s Republic.  I think other two parties will also come to this term.

UCPN-Maoist is ready to face any situation. It is almost certain that in case efforts are made to reverse the situation, there will be a bloodshed. Our party will launch another intense struggle as in the past to defeat the enemies of the people and democracy.  Our party will fight tooth and nail to foil any attempt of conspirators and enemies of the country.

Our party is committed to the peace process and wants to conclude it. Given the present political situation, we cannot integrate our combatants into the security forces. At a time when conspirators have been making all out efforts to reverse the present transformation, our combatants need to remain alert. After the promulgation of the new constitution, we will integrate our combatants.

I don’t think monarchy will ever return to Nepal. Somebody may dream to restore the monarchy but the people will not accept it. We fought more than 12 years of armed struggle to make Nepal a federal, democratic and secular republic. We signed the peace agreement with parliamentary parties so that they would accept our demands. The twelve point agreement is a result of consensus among the country’s major political forces. The people’s movement II was finally launched with an aim to abolish monarchy and Hindu Kingdom. This was done after 40 days of violent struggle.

From the day one of abolition of monarchy and establishment of Nepal as a federal republic, some reactionary and regressive forces have made their efforts to reverse the changes and return the country into the old feudal order. Such efforts were foiled by the people, the sinister moves of foreign, reactionary and regressive forces. But now I am confident that no one can reverse the changes. That is our reality. If there is a need of another revolution, our party is ready for that too.

After our decision to form the government on the basis of majority, a conspiracy against the federal, democratic republic Nepal has begun. Following the formation of UCPN-Maoist government, the conspirators and reactionaries joined hands to disturb the peace process, hoping that they can restore the old system and old constitution, which the Nepalese have already put in the dustbin of history. Of course, we are unable to promulgate the new constitution in time but we have made a lot of efforts to institutionalize and establish a new value system. We are successful in these efforts. We have turned this country from an exclusionary state to an inclusive state giving special privileges to all downtrodden, dalits, ethnic groups and marginalized communities. This is a great success of last four years of transformation. As a member of revolutionary party like UCPN-M, it is a pride for me to speak about the success achieved by the country. In the past, the country was just a part of privileged and feudal class and a large number of people were out of the mainstream politics. The situation has changed now from politics to civil service, judiciary and schools. Their status has changed. Women’s right is established and religious rights of minorities including Muslims and Christians too are established. This is one of the good signs.

Of course, one cannot bring about a complete transformation without sacrifices. Change is not easy and we need to prepare to face counter revolutionary acts of previously defeated feudal and reactionaries backed by foreign forces. 

Recently, monarchist and anti-federalist regressive forces have come out with various false reports showing that a majority of Nepalese are against the political change and transformation. I don’t know what kind of things people are saying but one thing is almost certain that nobody can reverse the present state of Nepal. Federal, republic, and secular democratic Nepal is the New Nepal.

Ehiopian experience has also shown that there no alternative federalism to the country like Nepal.
Devkota is CA member of UCPN Maoist ( As told to New Spotlight)

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