June 19, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-1 June 17-2011 (Ashar 03,2068)

In her second musical album, young singer Aastha B. Bhandari shows her talent in playing music and melodies.

If one has the dedication and courage to do something, age does not make any difference. This is what one can see in the life of young singer Aastha B. Bhandari. She is still in her teen age, in the process of completing higher secondary education, but her love and passion for music is incredible.

Although she came to the field of music just four years ago, Aastha Bhandari has made a tremendous progress in terms of modeling her sounds, balancing with the rhythm of music. Two years ago when her first album was released, she was in the process of learning.

But her second album, which has already gone to the market, is expected to be a hit as the numbers are diverse and there is a variety in music. With lyrics by veterans like Durga Lal Shrestha, Dinesh Adhikari and Krishna Hari Baral and with the composition by Nhu Bajracharya, the first few songs represent the earlier generations.

The music album also includes the music composed by young lyricists and musicians of new generation including Bhupendra Khadka, Rajanraj Shivakoti, Nirnaya Shrestha, Hari Lamsal, Kali Prasad Banskota, Kalyan Singh, Vishan Yonjon, Binod Khumbu, Hercules Basnet, Prem Krishna Shrestha, Naresh Bhattarai and Mahesh Rana.

“I wished to be a singer from the early childhood. Two years ago, I was able to release my first album. It introduced me as a singer. I was able to get the Image Music Award,” said singer Aastha B., a student of Himalayan Whitehouse International College.

Dedicated to the younger generation, all the songs are about love and affection of the youngsters. Aastha Bhandari is able to mix her sounds in the wordings like Timro Satha, Maya, Bhulna Sakdin, Priye, Kahile Lagchha and Bhaigo Nahasha and Hiramoti.

“After succeeding to get a hit in the music sector, I spent my two years to produce this second album. I hope all the music lovers will like it,” said singer Aastha.

The lyricists see a great potential in the voice of young singer Aastha B. “Although she is a new comer and a youngster in the music industry, Aastha B. Bhandari has great potentials to bring a change,” said Dinesh Adhikari.

“When she came to my office requesting me to be her musician, I reluctantly accepted her offer. In the course of the last two years, Aastha emerged as a good young singer in the Nepalese market,” said musician Nhu Bajracharya.

Scores of musicians and lyricists of various groups jointly released Aastha B.’s second album Aastha Ko Aash in a grand ceremony at Indreni Food Land, New Baneshwor. 

Produced by Aastha Music Pvt. Ltd, the new album consists of 13 songs written by Nepal’s renowned lyricists with the music composed by various musicians of different age.

“I am very proud to release Aastha Ko Aash (Aastha’s Hope) as a first album of my newly established music company. My company wants to promote Nepal’s music industry,” said Bhadra Bhandari, managing director of Aastha Music and mother of the young singer.

“I am very proud to say that this album is my daughter Aastha’s commitment and dedication. As a guardian, we have supported and encouraged her,” said Arjun Bhandari, father of Aastha.

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