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Nov. 13, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-09 Nov. 11-2011 (Kartik 25,2068)<br>

UCPN-Maoist leaders have time and again showed that the party is responsible and committed to the peace process. We have already made it clear through our action that we are also sincere to promulgate the new constitution for the Federal Republic of Nepal. The recent 7-point deal shows our commitment towards that end. After the 12-point agreement signed between our party and the seven party alliance of that time, this is another historical deal. If the parties concerned act responsibly, the days of Nepal’s violence are formally over.

By signing the historic deal, party leader Prachanda has shown that he is really sincere to the peace process. Our leader Prachanda, who led the party successfully during the People’s War, has shown that he is capable to lead the party in the peace time also. The signing of the 7-point deal is a major milestone in the history of the party as well as the history of the country.  The recent deal has enhanced our party’s image internally as well as externally. Those who don’t want to see a good image of the party seem to be nervous.

Whatever one says about the deal, our PLA commanders in the cantonment welcomed the decision saying that it protects their interest and respects their glorious sacrifice. This indicates real feeling of the party workers. Even PLA’s commanders have openly welcomed the party’s decision through media. There is reason to rejoice as the party leaders have made the best deal as possible to secure the future of combatants.  This is a major breakthrough as our party was compelled by other party leaders to accept integrating 6500 combatants with compensation of up to nine hundred thousand rupees to those who prefer to go home.

The deal is in the best interest of the party and the country. As Maoist party has already joined the national mainstream, there is no reason to keep People’s Liberation Army. After the integration in the army, they will also receive the respect they aspired for. According to the agreement, more than 6,500 PLA will be integrated in the army. This is the best deal our party leadership has done for the interest of our party.   The compensation package given to our party is also attractive as it recognizes their sacrifice and contribution made for the country.

Knowingly and unknowingly some of party leaders are playing with wrong side as regressive and reactionary forces want to see our party split. I don’t think there is anything to blame party president Prchanda for the seven point deal. As I have already mentioned to you, he bargained as much as possible in the interest of party cadres and party. After joining the mainstream politics by contesting the elections for Constituent Assembly and leading the government, our party has to fulfill certain responsibilities in line with our commitment during the signing of the 12-point agreement. The recent seven point deal is a continuation of that deal. By signing the seven point deal, our party has already made it clear that it is in favor of sustainable peace in the country.

There is no major difference in the UCPN-Maoist party over the seven point deal signed by our leaders to integrate the Maoist combatants. As a people’s democratic party like ours, certain differences are natural and there is the need of some sort of opposition voice to make the party’s organizational behavior lively.  Our party follows the people’s democracy and every individual member has the right to express their inner feelings and views in the party. This is one of the basic features of the people’s power. Our party leader comrades Mohan Baidya Kiran, comrade Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal and comrade Biplab have been practicing this.  They have already submitted their dissention in the party.  As Badalji has already made it clear that some newspapers distorted his version, I cannot believe our leaders will go beyond their limits.  This is a healthy criticism and healthy democratic exercise every party needs to allow. There is no tradition in our party to impose central decision. From Chhubang to Kharipati and Palungtar plenum, our party leaders have shown that they have vision to unite the party. Only with well-intentioned debates and discussions, the party can move in the right direction.

As the peace process is now come closer to an end, we need to concentrate our efforts on constitution writing. After the promulgation of the new constitution by Constituent Assembly, we can fulfill the dream of our hundreds of comrades who sacrificed their lives during the 12 years’ long People’s War.  If parties continue to maintain their current level of relations, we will promulgate the constitution by the middle of the 2012. Since most of the issues have already been settled, we will be able to settle the remaining issues.

I am not saying that everything is settled now as there is still a lot that needs to be done before the completion of the peace process. Our wounded and martyred party workers are yet to receive any compensation from the government. Those who have lost their lives should be given full national treatment and their families should be compensated. There are still many fake criminal cases pending in different police offices and courts. These cases need to be withdrawn. All our party workers, who were accused during the revolution period, need to be pardoned. These are the fundamental issues. The seven point deal has also raised these matters.  (Pokharel is UCPN-Maoist  Central Committee member. As told to New Spotlight)

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