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<br>Dr. Laxman Prasad Adhikari

Nov. 13, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-09 Nov. 11-2011 (Kartik 25,2068)<br>

Honey is a naturally available nectar of the Earth. It is a great medicine to treat various types of diseases. This nectar is required to perform various Hindu pujas and at different religious ceremonies. In most Ayurveda-based medicines, honey is mixed with other ingredients or consumed alone for quick recovery. It is a complete nutritional diet consisting of 22 types of acids, 28 types of minerals, 14 types of fatty acids and 11 types of carbohydrates.

One who takes honey needs to drink a lot of water to digest the highly nutritious paste. Water deficiency leads to a feeling of warmness in the body as the blood needs it. Honey can be consumed in many different ways. Consuming honey with warm water raises the body temperature. With cold water, honey brings the body temperature down. Drinking milk with honey increases body weight. On other hand, with lemon and water, honey helps people lose weight.


1. Energy

Dextrin found in honey goes directly to blood and mixes with it, helping people to gain energy immediately within seven minutes.

2. Weight Loss

Unnecessary fat will be lost in consuming one glass of lukewarm water consisting of two teaspoonfuls of honey mixed with juice from a half piece of lemon daily in empty stomach. Or obesity can be minimized by drinking 10 grams of triphala juice mixed with honey.

3. Cuts

Honey is effective to kill various types of bacteria. Honey bee produces a type of protein called difensin-1 and leaves it in honey. This protein is used to manufacture medicines which can be used to cure pain due to cuts and in skin infection. Use of honey directly to any cuts helps to heal cuts quickly by killing bacteria. There will be no black scar seen in cuts cured by applying honey. If the cuts are severe and there is pus formation, it is advised to use honey in a piece of clean cloth and paste it in the affected part. As a result, pus will come out and the cuts will be healed.

4. Anemia

Diseases like anemia can be cured by consuming honey because of increase in hemoglobin due to presence of minerals like Iron, copper and manganese in honey.

5. Digestion

Regular use of honey helps cure constipation, acidity and weak digestive system.

6. Cancer

The first stage of cancer can be cured by consuming one tea spoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of cinnamon regularly.

7. Infertility

Regular consumption of honey can help women get rid of their infertility problem and men to become physically and mentally healthy to produce healthy semen.

8. Heart Disease

With daily consumption of honey and cinnamon with bread, one will be protected from heart disease and heart attacks will also be delayed.

9. Sinusitis and Arthritis

These diseases can be cured by consuming warm water with two teaspoonfuls of honey and half teaspoonful of cinnamon.

10. Influenza

Viruses causing influenza will die with regular consumption of honey. Fever due to flu will also be cured.

11. Wrinkles

Daily consumption of two teaspoonfuls of honey and a half teaspoonful of cinnamon helps develop resistance to various diseases as well as delaying wrinkles in the face.

12. Asthma

Smelling the mixture of one teaspoonful of triphala and half teaspoonful of pipla powder with honey can cure asthma.

13. Healthy Life

Regular consumption of honey makes one healthy, good looking, smart and active till the old age

14. Good Look

It is advised to use a paste of rose water, lemon and honey to enhance the good look of face.

15. Blood Purification

Blood gets purified due to consumption of honey because it contains iron. As a result, various internal parts of the body like heart, liver, kidney and lungs will remain healthy.

16. Child Growth

Children are more active in their movements and they enjoy playing. As a result, their level of energy needs to be maintained after each decline. Therefore, if children are given cow milk mixed with honey, their physical and mental health improves.

17. Shining teeth

Cleaning teeth with a mixture of honey with lemon juice will make teeth strong and shining. Daily gurgling with honey helps heal swelling of gum, pus formation, and toothache.

18. Cough

Cough can be cured by swelling one teaspoonful of honey with one quarter of black pepper powder.

19. Rheumatism/Gout

Pain due to rheumatism/gout can be cured by tying a piece of cotton cloth dipped in honey at the effected parts.

20. Vitality

Men’s vitality will increased by drinking milk with honey. It increases the number of new blood cells.

21. Vision

Imbalance in the vision of eyes will be minimized by application of honey in the eyes during the morning and the evening. It helps make eyes healthy. All dirty matters settled in eyes will also be cleaned.

22. Ear Diseases

Ear boar can be cured by pouring lukewarm honey inside ears. Cuts in ears can also be cured by this treatment.

23. Burning

Pain due to burning can be minimized by immediately applying honey at burned parts.

24. Sears At Face

Sears at face can be eliminated by applying aniseed powder mixed with honey.

25. Cleaning Stomach

Stomach will be cleaned by performing yoga exercise after drinking honey mixed with water in the morning.

26. Poisoning

Poisoning due to bites of dog, jackal, bees, and wasp can be subsided by applying honey at the affected parts and also by its consumption.

27. Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be cured by drinking honey mixed with juice of sour pomegranate.

28. Children’s Teeth

In children, their teeth will appear soon by applying mixture of honey with ghee and pipala powder in children’s gums. It also minimizes their pain.

29. Environment

Let’s keep one or two bee hives in every house. Let’s protect the environment.

(The author is with Satyam Bee Keeping and Honey Industry and Satyam Arogya Yoga Center and can be reached at nepali_honey@yahoo.com)

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