Risks behind India's military buildup

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Dec. 28, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No. -12 Dec. 23-2011 (Poush 08,2068)<BR>

India has decided to focus on building defense in this period. In the recently adopted 11th Five-Year Plan, it decided to spend 8.2 billion U.S. dollars purchasing equipment from foreign countries to improve its fighting capabilities.

The Sweden Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a recent report that India has become the world's largest arms importer, a veritable arsenal made up of imports from many different countries.

A retired Indian Air Force general said India's rising international status required it to develop a long-range attack capability that some big countries own.

In-service officers insist that India's weapons will not pose threat to any country in the region as it exercises a policy of never attacking first.
Indian officials and scientists claimed that their Agni-V missile is the "killer" for a certain country, which obviously shows the intention of seeking regional balance of power.

India has strategic ambitions and hopes to play an important role in world affairs, so it cannot tolerate these internal and external security environment constraints. It is the Indian goal to continue to strengthen the military and possess a military clout that matches its status as a major power.

However, how many missiles is enough is a question for all governments in the missile era.

India felt pleased by America’s strategic focus shift toward the Asia-Pacific region and began to get close to America, but thinking this move will contain its imaginary enemy would be naive.

In the context of the eastward shift of global economic power and the changing Asian geopolitical pattern, India should cooperate with the neighboring countries instead of being hostile to them and should reduce its own “persecution mania" to play a role on the world stage in the future.

There is no real winner in wars and peace opportunities must not be wasted. This is the wise judgment.

Courtesy: People's Daily

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