“We can introduce pay police for the security of businessmen,” 

<br><STRONG><EM>Rajendra Khetan,</EM>&nbsp;</STRONG>chairman of Khetan Groups and CA member

Jan. 29, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-14 Jan. 27-2012 (Magh 13,2068)<BR>

There were always talks of political involvement in the cases of kidnapping of businessmen. But now this has been proved. What are your thoughts on that?

In the span of five years, 65 cases of kidnapping have been registered. Among them, many don’t have any records, but among the cases whose records are found, we have seen three kinds of kidnapping. First, criminals from Bihar perform kidnapping when they enter Kathmandu after the security around the border is tightened. Secondly, kidnapping is done under political protection due to resentment. Finally, kidnapping is also done by international criminal groups which are running their businesses here in Nepal. But, first and second kind of kidnapping is found mostly in Nepal. Pawan Sanghai’s case also falls within these two kinds.

Didn’t the criminal activities drastically decrease in the recent times?

Yes, during the time when Ramesh Kharel and Navaraj Silwal were Chiefs of Metropolitan Police Kathmandu, the criminal activities were near zero. But, after the case of Sanghai, we are again scared, though we are relieved now.

What do you think of the role of police in Pawan Sanghai’s case ?

Personally I’m very pleased with the work of police in the case. I also used to fall in the group of people who used to doubt the competency of Nepali police, but now I’m very pleased with police’s hard work and commitment.

Although there has been reduction in other crimes, have the crimes under the political protection increased?

Earlier, Nepali politics was limited within Congress and CPN-UML. But after the Maoists entered politics, Nepali politics reached another level. Then, after that, regional and religious parties entered politics and it reached even higher level.  People need money to do politics. And shortage of money leads to criminal activities. 

How much feasible is it in providing personal protection to all the businessmen?

We have to understand the limitations of the government and have to adopt security measures ourselves as well. But, amidst everything, we have to go to pay police system. This will increase the employment and will also have a psychological edge as they are still the police.


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