Sherpas Can Sustain Their Own States Too

<br>LUCKY SHERPA, CA member

Feb. 14, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-15 Feb. 10 -2012 (Magh 27,2068)<br>

The recently presented report of the State Restructuring Commission is unacceptable to us as it denies an autonomous Sherpa State and Jadan state. Although the State Restructuring Committee of Constituent Assembly agreed to include Jadan and Sherpa Autonomous states in eastern and far western regions, I don’t understand why the commission decided to omit it. Like all other communities, it is unacceptable for Sherpa without an autonomous state with right to self determination.  Sherpa state has both economic viability as well as identity. Nepal’s Himalayas are generating enormous amounts of revenue and there are potentials for the construction of hydroelectricity projects here.  Hydroelectricity, herbs and tourism will generate enormous resources to sustain our province. We don’t want to be a part of any other province. This is a clear stand of all the Sherpa community.

Our people have already obstructed the presentation of the program. It was our symbolic gesture or opposition against the commission report. We are going to burn the copy of the report presented by the commission.  This commission has not given any mandate to touch the report finalized by the State Restructuring Committee of CA. The mandate of the commission was just to go through the report and improve it by working under it. We have already expressed our views to the leaders of different political parties and chairman of Constituent Assembly.

There is a conspiracy against the Sherpa Autonomous state.  If the state denies our rights, we are ready to take necessary steps to establish our rights. If all other communities have states, why can Sherpa community not have one?  It is a bias against the Sherpa people. We have our own culture, language and values. Our people will take revenge against those members who hatched a conspiracy against our provinces. We know who conspired against our demand. We will take revenge against them wherever they go.  We will launch a series of programs against the document. Our first phase program will be peaceful and we will hold various rallies in capital Kathmandu. In the second stage, we will hand over a memorandum to the concerned officials and CA chairman. If the state does not listen to our peaceful agitation, we will rebel against the state.

Sherpa Autonomous State is a reality now in Nepal. Our community has already started to work for it. We have land, resources, people and other necessary elements to sustain our own state. We also want a state with the right to self determination for the community. For the overall development of our region and protection of our culture, religion and social values, we need a separate state.  Demand of Autonomous Sherpa State was accepted by the Constituent Assembly. This is a sovereign body. I don’t think there is any supreme document there other than the document prepared by it. 

The members of State Restructuring Commission are arguing that Sherpa State does not have economic capacity. If that is so, what economic capacity do other states have? Given the opportunity, Sherpa Autonomous State will also build its own capacity in a short span of time. Our Sherpa entrepreneurs and local people have already shown that they are more capable than others. For centuries, Sherpa communities had been oppressed and were denied their basic rights. Our mountains generated billions of rupees in revenues annually but the center rarely spent due shares of money for the promotion of our region. With the border with Tibetan Autonomous Region in the north, our state can also generate the financial resources needed to run the provinces.

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