“Prime Minister is kept in dark and is receiving wrong advices”  Bal Bahadur Tamang, chairman of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies NAFEA


April 23, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-19 Apr. 20-2012 (Baishakh 08,2069)<br>

You have been elected as the chief of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies. What will be your first priority?

All my friends have given me the responsibility by electing me at the helm of the NAFEA. First of all, various problems are seen in the work done by the foreign employment department. There are problems with pre-work and final work permits.

Even after the department gave final work permits, there have been cases where workers have been sent back from the Tirbhuwan International Airport. Government organizations have crossed the limits of giving troubles to businessmen. My first task will be addressing this issue. For the long term, we will organize a one-week program for all the things that need change and we will bring all the ‘mission vision’ within that time. That program will come with plans of works which can be done in 1, 2 and several years.

Preceding persons at the helm of this association had also made similar commitments but they never came into effect!

I have seventeen years of experience in this sector. I know this sector should be managed and disciplined. All the troubles I have encountered during my career are the common problems of all the businessmen. I will not only make commitments but will also prove by my work.

You have been working as the crucial medium to bring in huge amount of remittances. Has the government given respect that you deserve according to your role?

No, our contribution to GDP is around 23.6 percent. 56 percent of households are seeking direct benefits due to this sector. We have not got the respect from the state that we deserve. There have been no investments from the government as required for foreign employment like technical schools, colleges, and training centers. There is a need of investment in this sector.

Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is showing a lot of interest in this sector!

Yes, his interest is appreciable. But it makes me sad as the prime minister has not been able to understand the actual reality. He is showing interest as he saw bad condition of a few Nepalese at transit at Qatar while returning from America. More than 6 lakh Nepalis work there and he believed what Nepalese Ambassador at Qatar told him. He should have gone to departmental stores and development sectors there to know the real situation.

It is not possible for an architecture engineer like him to understand foreign employment by himself and the people who are giving him advices are giving him all the wrong advices. People who are working with him and giving him advices have no real knowledge of the reality in foreign employment.


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