Prachanda, Baburam Conspired


June 25, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-02 June. 22-2012 (Aashar 08, 2069)<br>

Ours’ is the mainstream Maoist party with a revolutionary zeal. All revolutionaries who fought 12 years of war with the state are with us. I think CPN-Maoist will show its strength. This is a part of a rebellion against the agents of foreign expansionist, reactionary and regressive forces. After the signing of the 12-point agreement, a section of people like Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai, in disguise as Maoists, destroyed our revolutionary party. We have warned from time to time against their design but they did not listen to us. Finally, we had no option other than to leave the group led by reactionaries Prachanda and Baburam, who surrendered our beloved People’s Army to the reactionary group.

Don’t count the number of workers who are with us and who are against us. The important thing is those who come with us are revolutionary workers who sacrificed their entire life for the cause of people. The party led by Prachanda is now just a bunch of people who don’t have anything but a looted money of our fighters and money they get from their masters. I am confident that a large number of revolutionaries will join us in the future.

From Libang convention, Prachanda and Baburam duo started their nefarious designs to destroy and discredit the party’s revolutionary image. The 12-point New Delhi agreement was the climax to sabotage the revolutionary way.  The agreement was a well planned design of Prachanda and Baburam, who signed the agreement when two of our leaders Mohan Baidhya Kiran and C.P. Gajurel were in prison in India. We have now realized that this was a conspiracy. When our party was almost in a position to capture power and establish Nepal as the People’s Republic they surrendered with expansionist and revisionist forces.

CPN-Maoist will take its course and show the strength. Our party leader Mohan Baidhya Kiran has already issued a statement asking Prachanda and Baburam to vacate for our revolutionary party office in Paris Hill. Along with this, Prachanda and Baburam duo will also need to return the money they confiscated from our comrades who served in the People’s Army. We have just completed our convention. We will go nationwide to expose the reactionaries and revisionists who have been exploiting the people in the name of Maoism.

Although this is just an initial stage, we will show our strength in the coming days. When our party launched the People’s War in 1996, every one suspected us. However, we were able to achieve our aim within 12 years, uprooting 240 years old feudal monarchy. We are confident that our party will transform the whole system in the shortest period of time.  Now people can judge which Maoist party is real and which is fake. Prachanda and Baburam are leading fake Maoist party and ours is a genuine revolutionary communist party.

We don’t have any doubt in mind that reactionaries will use money, muscle and all other powers to discredit us. We will stand against all these odds. Our party has already revised 50-point demands which we had forwarded before launching the People’s War. We believe that our party will win the hearts and minds of people with support from all revolutionaries and People’s Liberation Army who were humiliated by Prachanda and Baburam.

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