Split Maoists On Road To Ruin: Pun

<br>Barshaman Pun Ananta

June 25, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-02 June. 22-2012 (Aashar 08, 2069)<br>

Despite our efforts, Baidhya and his group finally chose a road to ruin. I am confident that they will be ruined as a bunch of anarchists. I don’t understand the reason behind their split from the party. It was a very sad moment in the history of revolutionary communists in Nepal when a group of comrades who worked together for such a long time chose a devastating way to damage the image of the party. Their departure from the mainstream party will not weaken our party. UCPN-Maoist has a long history of revolutionary zeal and it will move to achieve its aim to completely transform Nepal.

I don’t think there is any new slogan in their agenda. The split of the party is just an individual hunger for power. Party president Prachandaji made several calls and hundreds of attempts to woo the group. However, they did not listen to us. The time will tell who worked against the revolutionary party and who worked in favor of the revolution. UCPN-Maoist party has achieved what it desired in the People’s War, establishing itself as the country’s largest party. This is the thing our comrades seem to be opposing.

I don’t understand the reason behind the spilt.  Like our party’s, they also have a similar agenda in state restructuring. They are also demanding a single identity based federal structure. Similarly, their other stands are also similar to ours. In this context, they don’t have any valid reason to justify their logic.

We are going to organize an extended meeting of our party workers in June 29. This meeting will decide the future course of the party. In the past also, some of our colleagues deserted the party. It did not make any difference in our party organization. This time too our revolutionary party workers will reject them. When they realize their mistake, they will be nowhere. It is very unfortunate that they did not listen to party president Prachanda who has shown an optimum level of flexibility to retain the party unity. The time will tell who betrayed whom and who revolutionaries are.

I don’t think that a faction of people leaving the party will make any difference in the overall strength of the party. We will be stronger in the coming days. We have the courage and guts to lead the party united. Every worker can say whose interest they serve by splitting the party which is in the final stage to establish a political system for the interest of the people. I am confident that our party will remain as a strong party to pursue the course of revolution.  People always discard the betrayers and they will be discarded too in future.

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