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Industrialist Binod Chaudhary, who is also the president of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries, shares of his vision of the nation’s economy through a new book <br>A CORRESSPONDENT

Aug. 13, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-06 Aug. 10-2012 (Shrawan 26,2069)<br>

Although he is an industrialist, Binod Chaudhary has the passion to write and express his views clearly. Whatever be the position he holds, Chaudhary always finds some time to express his own views and visions. Despite his busy schedule, industrialist Chaudhary, who spares his time in writing, does not hesitate to express his views which are sometimes critical or even hostile to the people in power.

Industrialist Biond Chaudhary has seen many ups and downs in the country’s economic life in his three decades of involvement in the industrial sector. From license Raj Panchayat days to the liberalized and competitive political system following the political change of 1990, Chaudhary has confronted with the transformation of Nepal’s economy by remaining in the forefront. He has been on the path as the nation saw its ups and downs.

“I am a representative of the private sector who not only worked as the president of FNCCI or CNI but also developed the guts to sand on my own feet,” said industrialist Chaudhary in his book. “The present changing industrial environment is the result of our more than two decades of struggle,” said Chaudhary.

Growing up in Kathmandu’s core locality, during the happy days of walking in the narrow lanes of Kathmandu, Chaudhary was the eye witness of the transformation of Nepal’s economy from merely a traditional and subsistence one to the present stage of modernity as part of the global community.

Chaudhary knows the ins and outs of Nepal’s social, economic and political situation. As a member of the recently dissolved Constituent Assembly, Chaudhary also has the experience of working as a legislator.

In his recently published book, one can find sparks of wisdom he acquired through his learning and experience, and his vivid views and opinions expressed in different times and contexts of Nepal through the national media. Looking at the global perspective, industrialist Chaudhary compares Nepal’s situation and suggests the ways to make it economically more prosperous country in the world.

From articles published from early 1991 to the recent times, Chaudhary, former president of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, touches on all aspects of Nepal’s economic and industrial development. With full sense of patriotism, Chaudhary, in his articles, discusses how to take Nepal into the world stage as a prosperous nation by harnessing her resources.

Chaudhary has the dynamism as well as the leadership quality. During his tenure as the president of FNCCI, he mobilized not only domestic industrialists but also brought together internationally reputed industrialists to share Nepal’s experience.  Whether it was in celebrating the silver jubilee of FNCCI or taking part in international conferences representing Nepal, Chaudhary firmly put his vision on economic prosperity.

Divided in four parts, the book consists of articles and opinions published in various stages. The first chapter includes the commentary and opinions published in various newspapers. Second chapter includes the statement and key note speeches he gave during his tenure in FNCCI. The third chapter includes his opinions, speeches and keynote addresses delivered as the president of Confederation of Nepalese Industries and the last and fourth chapter includes articles on other subjects.

The articles, opinions and views compiled in the articles  reveal Binod Chaudhary’s personality and his views and perceptions on nation, national economy and other agenda of the country. By publishing the book, industrialist Chaudhary has produced a valuable document for use by all.

Chaudhary’s is book is very useful for those involved in Nepal’s economic and development sector. The book will also help the younger generation of Nepalese students at the University level and scholars to understand Nepal’s decades of economic and social transformation.  This book also narrates the stages of Nepal’s economy under which Chaudhary Group has established itself as a leading industrial house of Nepal as well as the region. 

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