Chaotic Politics:No Sign Of Stalemate Ending


Aug. 26, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-06 Aug. 24-2012 (Bhadra 08,2069)<br>

Following the announcement of the present Interim Constitution, Nepal entered into a new phase of political instability. No sector of the country is secure and safe now. As country passes through a very crucial phase in its history, legitimate bodies are losing their legitimacy. After the dissolution of Constituent Assembly, political parties are sharply divided over the next outcome. Following the decision of the Election Commission, the elections have been postponed indefinitely. It seems that the country is heading towards more chaos. In the absence of elected bodies, corruption is rampant at all levels. People are suffering from extortion and kidnapping. The law and order is completely broken .If things go this way for a longer period of time, Nepal may lose its own identity.  One of the unfortunate parts of current politics is that leaders of major political parties are blaming each other as anti-national. Opposition political parties are terming the present government as anti-national. The prime minister even wrote an article criticizing Nepali Congress and CPN-UML as anti-national and playing against the sentiments of the people.

Poitical identity

Never in its history had Nepal been passing through this kind of situation. All the leaders who dared to challenge all the state authorities in the past are now helpless. Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, which claim to have played a key role in bringing the Maoists into the mainstream, are themselves fighting to retain their own identities. Despite their call, people are reluctant to come to streets to oust the present coalition led by UCPN-Maoist. This indicates that people are fed up with the political parties and political leaders. In the name of federalism, political parties are destroying the social and cultural harmony. They are encouraging one ethnic group or the other. In this scenario, the country may also see a civil war in the making.

In his recent statement, UCPN-Maoist leader Prachanda has made it clear that this government will rule the country for another quarter century. This indicated that the country will have to go for a long period of time without an elected government or Nepal will fall under the communist tyranny. In the absence of a strong institution to face the tyranny of the communist, Nepalese may have to face such a fate. Prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has also said that he will retain power as long as it is possible. The Prime Minister’s action of ruling through Ordinances in the absence of any democratic debate is an example of the Maoists autocratic tendencies.  The present mess is the result of the lack of vision of the  Nepali Congress and UML so they cannot get away with just blaming this government. They have dragged the country into a cul de.sac .  As we have witnessed the conflict already between Sushil  Koirala faction and   Deuba for golden chair which reflects identity of their party.

Given the present political stalemate, more political confrontation and anarchy are likely in the coming days. The so-called mantra of national consensus government seems to have gone and there is a polarization of political process along ruling and opposition lines. Maoists have already formed a federal democratic alliance with the demand of identity based federalism. Similarly, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are leading another 24-party alliance. Since the interim constitution has given very nominal role to the president, he can do a little to thwart the present political situation.


Nepal can neither go for long with the present situation, nor is there any immediate political solution, agreeable to all, in sight. After the failure in drafting the constitution through the Constituent Assembly, many political options have been floating in the horizon.  The President is in a difficult situation as he is the only institution left to safe guard democracy.  His refusal to approve Ordinances thrust upon him has given some hope. The debate needs to be shifted to the people as the politics of consensus has yielded no results. The trend of ruling the country through political consensus have made people more like subjects than citizens of a democratic country. The voices to revive the Constitution of Kingdom of Nepal 1990 is getting stronger. Similarly, there is also an argument for holding the elections to parliament with the right to draft the new constitution. Similarly, there is a view favoring referendum for monarchy and Hindu country.     Due to visionless performances of the key political parties esp NC and  UML  with which people had faith as leading  parties , all the pillars of stability have been destroyed ,  nothing seems to be working.  The country is now directionless and visionless posing serious threat to lose   the sovereignty of the country .

Its high time people should be alert and act and voices of the silent majority must be made heard  even louder .


Thapa lives in Maharjgunj

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