Nepal Army Chief General Gaurav Sumsher Rana’s bicycle ride to office has sent many positive vibes

Dec. 28, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.:06 No.-13 Dec.28-2012(Poush 13,2069)

At a time when Kathmandu's air pollution is deteriorating, at a level below the WHO standards, Nepal Army chief Gaurav Sumsher Rana’s symbolic campaign to ride bicycle to reduce the emission level has sent positive vibes around. After taking the command of Nepal Army, Rana has already begun measures that improve the image of Nepal Army. 

According to environmentalists, valley’s air pollution, including dust particles, is one of the highest in the region and, every day, this pollution is increasing in the atmosphere, degrading the air quality of the valley. Recently, the number of people suffering from respiratory problems has drastically increased in the valley.

The new campaign- which general Rana started from his own office with a mission to reduce the emission and contribute to safeguard environment- will have important implications. When Nepal’s Army Chief, who receives high security, goes around on a bicycle, it will also put a moral pressure on other government officials, who don’t have any security threat and any other hurry, to follow his footsteps.

According to an estimate, there are over 10,000 vehicles owned by the government. If these vehicles remain in the garage for a day, this will significantly reduce the emission level in the valley.

Nepal Army chief general Rana has issued instructions for officers up to the post of Lieutenant  Colonel   to shun motor vehicles every Friday and come to office using the bicycle or on foot. The Army Chief’s efforts have also shown that the overall security situation has improved in the valley.

According to Nepal Army spokesperson Brigadier General Suresh Raj Sharma, this decision will be applied to those who attend official hours from 10-5. After the completion of roads linking two remote mountain district headquarters of Mugu and Manang, Nepal Army has shown that it is also committed to the development of the country

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