Heart Of Darkness

The increase in power cut is not only giving the whole nation’s economy a horrid time, but it is also frustrating the youths of the nation.

Jan. 20, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 06 No. -15 Jan 25- 2013 (Magh 12, 2069)

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) recently increased its load shedding hours to 14 per day. The increase in power cut is not only giving the whole nation’s economy a horrid time, but it is also frustrating the youths of the nation.

Not to mention other ramifications of load shedding, the youths are having to deal with psychological aspects such severe frustration because technology has become an integral part of their lives.

Youths who are already frustrated by the overall situation of the nation are getting even more irritated by such long load shedding hours. The ever increasing power crisis is developing more and more negative feeling towards the state of the country.

Youths of the country, especially that of the cities, are mostly addicted to their gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, or even televisions. So an increase in power cut means a time away from their favorite gadgets in the unproductive darkness.

The increased load shedding is just adding to the frustration of the youths of the country.

“I don’t want to stay in Nepal, this load shedding is frustrating me. I don’t have anything to do apart from sleeping. This is very boring,” reads a Facebook status of a college-level student.

Majority of the college going youths of the Kathmandu valley are mainly driven by technology. Be it chatting with a friend, using the social media, listening to songs, or even reading, everything has technology at its heart. And technology has power as its core.

“14-hours load shedding a day. Why the NEA doesn’t makes it 24 hours? It will be good when there will be no hope for light,” said Sanjeev Karki, a Bachelor-level student.

People now have to pace their life according to the load shedding schedule, which is very much disappointing to the youths who have lot to learn, lot to achieve and lot to gain that also in a short time.

The increased power cut just increases unproductive hours which are wasted waiting for the electricity to come.

“I’m actually ashamed to say we have so much potential for energy. This load shedding is killing every bit of me,” said another youth.

The situation of the nation is driving the youths away itself. “I’m so frustrated living in Nepal, there is no electricity, nothing and I feel so hopeless when it comes to making the country better. I can’t do anything to improve it. Politicians have ruined this nation to the last bit,” said Bijay Bhandari, an engineering student.

Gone are the days when friends could be found online anytime, thanks to the power cut. The time spent on social medias is also decreasing.

Even when we analyze the Facebook posts of many youths, there is immense criticism of load shedding. But the sad part that is frustrating the youths even more is that the government is doing nothing significant to reduce the load shedding hours.

At a time when the competition is so fierce, can the youths of the nation afford to stay remaining unproductive due to power cuts? The government soon has to find a way to end this load shedding, but sadly the end doesn’t look near. A nation cannot afford to put its future in the darkness.

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