"Parties Bowing Under Foreign Pressure" : Mohan Vaidya

Although he broke away from UCPN-Maoist almost a year ago, CPN-Maoist leader MOHAN VAIDYA KIRAN claims that his is the largest party in terms of previous elections. Objecting to the efforts at appointing the chief justice to lead the election governm

March 9, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 06 No. -18 Mar. 08- 2013 (Falgun 25, 2069)

Why are you opposed to the proposal to make the chief justice the new prime minister?

This is unconstitutional. It will harm the interest of democracy and people. It is strange to see even a party which always supported separation of power as a value of democracy supported the chief justice. We have been opposing it because it goes against the spirit of separation of power. We don't have any personal enmity with individuals, but this is the question of ideology.

Major political parties argue that this is an internationally agreed practice. As Bangladesh and Greece have already practiced it, what is wrong to do so here?

This is the point the leaders of so-called big parties want to make public. One has to see the context of the particular countries. Nepal has different a political situation and context than that of those countries.

Leaders of Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and Samyukta Loktantrik Madheshi Morcha have already made it clear that they are in support of the CJ-option as proposed by UCPN-Maoist, out of compulsion to replace the current Prime Minister, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Don't you think your opposition is supporting to extend Bhattarai government's life?

We are the first party to demand the resignation of this government. We have been demanding its dismissal. The president should have dismissed this government soon after the expiry of the Constituent Assembly and called a roundtable meeting to form the next government and hold the elections. I don't understand why the president hesitates to take any action against the current government. Political parties should have launched their agitation to overthrow this government, instead of accepting their demand to constitute the government under the chief justice. We are launching the agitation demanding the dismissal of the government.

As it was endorsed by UCPN-Maoist Plenum recently in Hetauda to appoint CJ to lead the government as a new prime minister, what options do you have to replace the present government?

Our demand is to dismiss the current government and call a roundtable to decide on the political course, including the elections. It is not a compulsion for anybody to accept the proposal of a single political party. If that is so, they should also accept our demands.

Leaders of four political parties have been saying that it is their compulsion to back the chief justice. How do you look at this?

There is no reason other than foreign pressure. Political leaders, who claim themselves to be the leaders of the largest party, are bowing down to the agenda of foreign powers, particularly India and Europeans.  Actually, this is not their proposal, but a proposal pushed forward by India and some Europeans.

Nepal needs an election and the agenda was proposed by UCPN-Maoist publicly. How do you see India and Europeans behind the move?

The actions speak volumes. India has been interfering in Nepal's internal affairs for long. After the People's Movement II, India has been directly intervening in Nepal's political decisions.   We can see their presence all over Nepal to interfere in political affairs. Recently, even some Europeans are supporting India's move in Nepal. Holding the elections under the leadership of CJ is not in the interest of Nepal and Nepalese people.

If election under the caretaker government of the chief justice is unacceptable to your party, what solution do you have in mind?

Our party has proposed a roundtable meeting of all political parties to decide the upcoming course. The roundtable will take the decision what course suits to settle the political stalemate.

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