No Meaning Of Such Poll

CPN-MAOIST leader Mohan Vaidya holds the view that there is no meaning to participate in the coming elections.

May 16, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 06 No. -22 May. 10- 2013 (Baishakh, 2070)

How do you see the possibility of holding the elections?

In the present circumstances, I don't think it is possible to hold the elections. Not only us, many other political parties are opposing the elections in November.

Do you mean elections cannot be held in November?

Elections cannot be held in coming November.  I mean the elections participated in by all the political forces. They can hold the election as it was held by Gyanendra in 2005.

The party registration and voter registration processes have already resumed and people and political parties have been showing strong enthusiasm towards the elections. How do you look at this?

You cannot guarantee the election just by opening the process for registration of political parties at the Elections Commission or resuming the voter registration process by arresting our cadres. What is important is whether there is a conducive environment for it or not.

Will you participate in the coming elections?

There is no question to take part in the elections in the present circumstances. We want correction on the agreement signed by four parties, including the resignation of present government.

However, other political parties have been saying that your party will take part in the elections. What do you say?

Everyone likes to see us in the elections.  This is their statement. However, I want to make you clear that our party will not take part in the elections until our demand is addressed.

As the government has already sent a formal request to your party for talks, what is your reaction?

We have been demanding the resignation of this government from the day one and cancellation of the 11-point agreement signed between four parties. We have also expressed strong objections over the formation of High Level Political Mechanism of four parties. Until our demands are fulfilled, there is no question to take part in the elections and negotiations.

It is reported that visiting British Minister asked you and your party to take part in the elections. What do you say?

Yes, I met the British minister and I told him of our conditions to take part in the elections. We will boycott the elections if our demands are not fulfilled.

Your party has been saying that you will negotiate with the president. Have you ever received any indication from the president for talks?

It is unfortunate that president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has not responded to our demands. Had he invited us, we would have gone for the talks.

If your party can talk with the president what is wrong with taking part in talks with the present government?

Our views are that the present government is just a servant of the president. We don't want to talk with servants, but we will negotiate with the master.

On what conditions will your party take part in the elections?

First of all, there is the need to dissolve the government. After dissolution of the government, there is the need to call an all-party roundtable meeting, which will decide the formation of the government and the elections date.

Don't you think your party loses your identity in case you take part in the elections?

Some petty political leaders said similar things when we started the people's war in 1996. Just looking at the percentage of vote does not suffice to evaluate the performance of a political party.

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