CA Polls Urgent: Mahato

Former minister and leader of Sadbhvana Party RAJENDRA MAHATO went on a weeklong fast unto death by demanding the election date for the new Constituent Assembly. Although Mahato withdrew the fast to death following assurances from the leaders of pol

June 18, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -1 June 14- 2013 (Jestha 31, 2070)

Despite their assurances, political parties are yet to agree on elections. How do you look at this?

As word given to me, political parties will agree on the number of seats for CA, threshold and other related issues soon. There is the need of agreement. If there is no consensus among political parties, the elections should be held on the basis of last elections. Instead of waiting for the political parties, the government has to take unilateral decision on the basis of last election.

Do you think the elections will be held in November?

There must be elections on November. To ensure the elections for CA, we went fasting. After agreement of parties, I withdrew the fasting. The government and political party leaders, including Jhalnath Khanal, came to me and requested to withdraw fasting. I hope they will not betray the people.

If they avoid elections, what would be the situation?

 If they don't agree on elections, people will lose their faith and patience.  They may revolt to protect the achievement made by Tharuhat Agitation, Janadolan II and Madhesh Andolan. This is the time to go to institutionalize Federal, Secular Republic Nepal. There is the need to hold the elections for the CA.

How will Sadbhvana Party react in case of failure to hold the elections in November?

Sadbhvana party will launch a nation-wide agitation calling various likeminded parties. We will call for a third janaandolan. I hope the government and four parties will announce the elections shortly.

How hopeful are you given the current situation?

Elections can be held. If the government forms the constituency delineation commission and announces the CA Elections Ordinance, giving 120 days for the Election Commission, nothing is impossible. My only concern is that the time is running out. And political parties have to take a decision.

What is your party doing now?

Our party has already launched the election campaign. I am in a nationwide election campaign and I completed the campaign in Rupandehi, Siraha and Sarlahi.  Our party will win more seats this time. There is a wave in favor of our party. Former minister and vice president of Madheshis Janaadhikar Forum Om Prakash Yadav Guljari has joined our party with his large number of supporters.

How do you gauge the response of the people?

People are waiting to see the elections. They want the CA election and the new constitution. My feeling is that everybody wants to see the election.  Except some isolated groups of political parties, who are looting the election materials, more or less the situation is peaceful in all parts of the country.  

Do you have any plan to form an alliance?

For a mission and principle and CA's subject, our party is calling on various groups, Dalit, Janjatis, Muslims from all over Nepal to join a united front to contest the elections. I have been making efforts to bring them all together. We are not confined to a particular region but we want our presence nationwide. Such a broad alliance is necessary to safeguard the achievement made by Janandolan II, Tharuhat Andolan, Madhesh Andolan and agitation of various other groups. Only the election of Constituent Assembly can institutionalize Federal, Inclusive, Democratic and Republic Nepal.

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