“Children are messenger of awareness and change in society”

Ms Bhavana Pariyar, Dang, a 16-year Dalit girl studying at 9th grade in a district of Mid-western Nepal.

June 18, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -1 June 14- 2013 (Jestha 31, 2070)

I know that Rights, Democracy and Inclusion Fund (RDIF) was launched during conflict period and worked in many war-affected areas like Rapti Zone of Nepal. The education of children like us was largely affected because of frequent strikes. We had to live under the terror of abduction, rape, threat and fear created by criminal groups.  Needless to say, traditional customs like child marriage, kamlari pratha (bonded labour system), discrimination between son and daughter, and social insecurity were practiced in the society.

Given the situation, Human Rights Protection and Legal Service Centre (HRLSC), a partner organization of RDIF, launched a program called “Local Capability Building Program” in five districts of Rapti Zone for three years with the aim of promoting human rights and peace at the local level. Human Rights and Peace Education was taught in 25 secondary schools of Rapti Zone.

I, as a student of Janakalyan Higher Secondary School in Dang district, also got chances to be part of this scheme. My experience is that the program offered me an opportunity to acquire knowledge about human rights and develop critical thinking among students. We were informed about rights and responsibilities of children and existing social discriminations. It helped children to be more responsible for positive changes in the society.

Children are the messenger of awareness and change in the society. It is essential to educate children on how to make them aware about their rights and responsibilities and provide creative and practical education at primary level. My personal experience is that this will be supportive to end social injustices, minimize all forms of conflicts and develop a prosperous, peaceful and equitable society. I want to request all of you to internalize learning and success of HRPLSC.

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