Large Parties Are Foreign Stooges : Gurung

Leader of CPN-Maoist DEV GURUNG spoke to New Spotlight on election issues. Excerpts of the interaction with him:

June 18, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -1 June 14- 2013 (Jestha 31, 2070)

How do you view the present state of politics?

The present political process is heavily influenced by external elements. Whether it is in formation of government, external forces are actively working.  After the formation of this interim government, Nepal has already sold out many things to India including the Immigration of TIA. Indian Police directly came to Nepal to take away criminals. This is very hard time for nationalist.

Do you think election is possible?

I don't think elections are possible in the present context. As long as the present government continues in power, we will take necessary actions to prevent the elections.

At a time when all international communities and large number of a number of political parties are supporting the elections, don't you think your party will be isolated in case of violent?

When we launched People's War in 1996, all people thought it would not last. However, People's War has made a lot of change even uprooted centuries old monarchy. It is not foreigners to decide what people of Nepal want. But, it is the people of Nepal to decide what they like.

What about four largest parties?

Since elections are not held, no party is largest or smallest in the present context. So called large parties are stooges of foreign forces. We are also opposing the present government on the ground that it is anti-national government backed by external forces.

When political parties have already launched elections campaign and there are large numbers of participating people. How do you look describe the situation?

The majority of people know how foreign forces aborted previous Constituent Assembly when it was in the process of making people's constitution.  Of course, political parties lured some thousand people in their meeting. Actually, an overwhelming majority of people don't want to see the elections.

Election is the only way to activate the CA and institutionalize the federal, inclusive republic of Nepal. Don't you think your opposition will benefit regressive forces?

It is only a myth. If political parties were really sincere, they would have framed the people's constitution a long time back. All political parties betrayed the aspirations of the people. We want to launch another people's war to establish the rights of the oppressed people. Political parties need to give answer to the people why they dissolved the CA.

Why did not your party not register to EC?

It is meaningless to register with EC. Only after the formation of new election government through a roundtable meeting, we can register with EC and take part in elections.

If the elections will be held in the present circumstances, what would your party do?

We will boycott the elections. 

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