TRISHULI 3 A: On Track

Despite so much disturbance and policy shifts, Trishuli 3 A project has almost completed over 60 percent of civil work

Sept. 13, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No.-07 Sept. 13 -2013 (Bhadra 28, 2070)

For the last three years, Chinese invested projects and Chinese companies working in Nepal have been facing many difficulties. The trouble in Trishuli 3 A augmentation is one of them.  The disputes and debates on Chinese projects are making the headlines in the Nepalese media.

Although the disputes over whether to augment Trishuli 3 A from current 60 MW to 90 MW continues, civil work contractor Gejuwa Water and Power Company has completed over 60 percent of the civil work, including dam and tunnel.

The run-of -the-river type project is being developed by Chinese contractor China Gezhouba Company Group at a cost of US$ 89.18 million through soft loan from Exim Bank of China. Had it been allowed to work smoothly, the project would almost be at the final stage of completion.

Lying close to Nepal’s northern border or just 7 kilometers north of India-built Trishuli Power Project, Trishuli 3 A has been facing severe difficulties from the first day of the work. It is the first project where all the trade unions, including two Maoist affiliated, CPN-UML affiliated and Nepali Congress affiliated, are going hand in hand.

Recently, the project also faced a threat from a major landslide at the dam site where contractors had to evacuate staff and security officials, following major landslides that continued to bury the camp site.

At a time when the country has been facing severe power crisis even during the winter session, nobody understands the reason behind the opposition to the augmentation of the project. However, the construction which is now halted due to re-modification will start soon after September. If the government provides necessary security and local people cooperate, it will complete as per its schedule.

As contract for the project is taken by the internationally renowned Chinese contractor having experiences of building three George hydro power project, it is a matter of a year for Gezhouba Company to complete the task. The decision of how to go for completion of the project lies with Nepal Electricity Authority and Nepal Government.

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