Nepal CA elections: High Turnout

Elections Commission predicts high turnout in second CA elections held on November 19 in Nepal and the results of the elections will be in a week

Nov. 19, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 07 No.-10 Nov. 08 -2013 (Kartik 22, 2070)

Despite obstruction by Maoist led 33 parties alliance, voter turnout will likely to higher this time. Given the pattern of voting seen till 5.30  nationwide, the turnout will be likely to be over 60 percent. Around 60-70 percent of the votes have been casted across the country on the second CA elections till closing the vote Tuesday (19 November).

According to Elections Commission, second Constituent Assembly elections concluded peacefully. Although there are sporadic incidences of violence, the election was peaceful. Even a bomb went today at Ombahal, with casualty of two children, it did not make any differences to the voters. Nepal Army’s bomb disposal teams disposes several bombs and mock bomb planted in various parts of the valley. Several bombs went in various constituencies in Morang district.   


Speaking at a press meet organized by the Election Commission (EC), EC Spokesmen Bir Bahadur Rai informed that elections are underway relatively free, fair and peaceful manner. He added that people are participating in the elections with much enthusiasm.

According to commission, the total votes cast will likely be around 60 percent given the present rate of progress. There is massive voting in Kathmandu Valley, Terai and hill regions. Election Commission reported that there is generally peaceful all over the country.

Voters are casting their ballots for 240 seats under the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) and 335 seats under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system at 18,438 polling centers of 240 election constituencies in 75 districts across the country.

According to the Election Commission (EC), the constitutional body responsible for conducting polls, the polling centers are till 5 pm.

EC Spokesperson Bir Bahadur Rai said it will take one week to announce the results of the FPTP and three weeks for the PR electoral system. The country is voting to elect a new CA following the demise of the first CA without promulgating a new statute on May 27, 2012.

Former US President Jimmy Carter observed election of the Constituency Assembly in Bhaktapur , Kathmandu and Lalitpur district along with hundreds of other national and international observers. Carter observed the election first at the polling booth of Padma Higher Secondary School at Bhaktapur Durbar Square and then at Nawaratri Secondary School at Khauma.

Carter, who arrived early in the morning in Bhaktapur, also visited the Bhaktapur Multiple Campus polling centre.Carter, accompanied in a monitoring team, expressed happiness that election started peacefully.

There are also sporadic events of booth capturing in various parts of Nepal. Major political parties are blaming each other for booth capturing and threatening voters in the districts.

Comment from Facebook 

“In spite of their failure to deliver in the past I hope the elected leaders (new and old) will give due respect and credit to the efforts made by all those who exercised their rights today in view of renewed hope and aspirations for a better Nepal,” writes women activist Bandana Rana in her Facebook wall.

 “It was great to see such enthusiasm and an overwhelming response in the CA election especially from the elderly, pregnant women, mothers with breast feeding children which is commendable. After so much of confusion and uncertainty, Nepali people demonstrated their commitment towards the Constitution Assembly,” writes Sharu Joshi Shrestha on her Facebook wall.

Similarly, nephew of B.P. Koirala and Nepali Congress activist Niranjan Koirala writes in his Facebook wall, “thanks to the freedom loving Nepali people and the determined effort of the caretaker government, election has concluded in a largely peaceful manner. The winners have to show the same humility and conciliatory attitude in the Constituent Assembly that they showed when they went to the people to ask for their vote, if they are serious about making the constitution. Nation building is a complex task that is beyond the capacity of one individual or party, however great and revolutionary. It does not matter who won or lost. The Nepali people triumphed today.”

“The election saga is over! Congratulations to all Nepali people for the successful accomplishment of this national duty! Proud to you all” feeling great, “writes Madhu Marasini, joint secretary and head of foreign aid division of Ministry of Finance and  in his Facebook wall. 


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