Ground Breaking Ceremony for Melamchi

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Melamchi Water Treatment Plant at Sundarijal

Feb. 3, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -15 Jan. 31- 2014 (Magh 17, 2070)

Japanese ambassador to Nepal Masashi OGAWA attended the ground breaking program for the construction of the Melamchi Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Sundarijal. This WTP component of the Melamchi Water Supply Project is going to be constructed under financial assistance of the Government of Japan. For the implementation of this component, Japan agreed, on March 30, 2001, to extend a total of 5.495 billion Japanese yen loan to Nepal.

According to a press release of Japanese Embassy, the Melamchi Water Supply Project is a co-finance project with ADB. It has been recognized as the best long-term solution to a safe drinking water supply for the Kathmandu Valley. This project is to take the water from the Melamchi River to Sundarijal through a water diversion tunnel, which is under construction under financial assistance of ADB. After treating the water by constructing a Water Treatment Plant at Sundarijal, clean and adequate water will be distributed to the Kathmandu Valley. As a sincere development partner of Nepal, Japan decided to be a part of this Project, and is financially engaged on the Water Treatment Plant component. Accordingly, Japan signed and exchanged the Notes in March 30, 2001.

The Project, unfortunately, faced several un-expected circumstances resulting in the considerable delay in its implementation. But finally, now we can start the construction of the Water Treatment Plant after more than a decade long delay. Till date, the Melamchi Water Supply Project has experienced several unforeseen hurdles in the course of its implementation. The Government of Japan sincerely expects that all concerned stakeholders will put all their effort together into ensuring smooth and un-interrupted implementation of this Project.

Ambassador OGAWA believe that it will also certainly contribute to the further strengthening of the existing cordial friendship and cooperation between the people of both nations.



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