Blanket amnesty not possible

CPN-UML leader Pradip Gyawali holds the view that nobody can accept the provisions on blanket amnesty. Excerpts:

April 18, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -20 April 18- 2014 (Baishakh 5, 2071)

How do you see the present political scenario?

What I can say is that everything is not going on well. Despite the assurances, Constituent Assembly is yet to start the constitution writing process. If things remain the same, the new constitution before February 2015 will be unlikely.

Since Nepali Congress and your party hold two thirds majority in the CA, who do you blame for the present dilly dally?

I am not blaming anybody. There is the need to take the initiative to write the new constitution. One of the positive parts is that the Constituent Assembly has already endorsed its business regulations and calendar of operations for the new constitution.

How do you see the possibility of the new constitution as stipulated by Constituent Assembly?

Nothing will be impossible. As previous Constituent Assembly has already completed over 80 percent of the job, there is a basis for the newly elected CA to complete the task.

How do you see the recently tabled controversial bill on Truth and Reconciliation and Disappearance?

As stipulated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, there is the need to have Truth and Reconciliation and Disappearance Commissions as a part of the Transitional Justice system. The bills should be based on the spirit of the agreement.

Do you support the provision for blanket amnesty?

There is no question to support such provisions. Those who were involved in the heinous crime in the name of armed insurgency should be punished as per of the law. Only genuine ones should be pardoned. There are many incidents in the past when innocent people were killed in the name of revenge.

UCPN-Maoist leaders are demanding that all involved in the armed insurrection need pardon. How do you look at this?

There is no question of giving amnesty to all. The persons involved in the heinous crimes should be punished as per the criminal justice system. For instance, Krishna Prasad Adhikari and his wife have been in a hunger strike for such a long period of time demanding the punishment for those Maoists, who killed their innocent son. Those involved in the heinous crimes, whether from the state side or rebel side, should be brought to justice.

Don't you think such acts will compel Maoist to wage war again?

We must distinguish between the incidents. If the heinous crime is committed against humanity, such persons need to be on trial. Pardon and amnesty are only possible for those whose intention and action were not directed against humanity.

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