Poets Hari Adhkiary and Momila shared their ideas

Poets Hari Adhikary and Momila Joshi in 19th edition of Conversations

July 24, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -3 July. 11- 2014 (Ashar 27, 2071)

Indian Embassy and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized 19th edition of Conversations on July 24 at Nepal-Bharat Library, Nepal Airlines Building in New Road.

Noted poet and author Hari Adhikary shared his literary journey In this edition of Conversations,. Promising poet Momila Joshi was the moderator at the event. Joshi introduced the author Hari Adhikary as one of the few poets in Nepal who has been rigorously contributing to Nepali poetry for over three decades.

“It was only after three decades of writing that Hari Adhikary decided to publish his first anthology Samsadma Ek Din. This explains that he is not one among may such poets in Nepal who are in a rat race of publishing their anthologies without even knowing the basics of poetry,” began Joshi.

She further added that Adhikary is a multifaceted writer, who has not only penned powerful poems but is as much an acclaimed story writer, a philosopher and a critic.

“His writings are full of contemporary analysis and they are aimed for something. What makes his writings stand out further is his style of presenting the words,” she elaborated.

Poet Adhikary shared how he was only eighteen years old, a teenager studying in Tri Chandra Campus, when his poem Pahila Aafulaai Cheena won the first prize in the nationwide poetry competition organized by the then Royal Academy of Nepal, now known as Nepal Academy.

“I was into writing from my early teens and I wanted to write seriously. However, I never thought that my poem would win the first prize and I would be awarded by Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. My serious journey in writing started ever since then,” Adhikary shared.

Adhikary and Joshi further discussed about Adhikary’s writing style, the projection of women psychologies in his poems, the sexual myths, the spiritual bonding and more. Joshi presented critical analysis of Adhikary’s works while also recited a few of the verses of from selected poems such as Samsadma Ek Din, Hari Adhikaryka Kawitaaharu and Garmentki Gaayatri.

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