Kathalaya announces WeRead e-book Application

Kathalaya announces WeRead e-book Application

Aug. 28, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -5 August. 15- 2014 (Sharawan 30, 2071

Kathalaya announces the release of the first e-book reader application of Nepal – “WeRead app”. This Android and iOS based application is the first of its kind in the Nepalese market created to promote Nepali books, authors and publishers in and outside of Nepal. The app will feature books by Nepali writers and publishers in Nepali, English and other regional languages supported by the Devnagari script. WeRead app is currently available on Android and iOS platform based mobile devices and tabs. A special version for PCs and laptops to promote ‘e-library’ will be available in a couple of months. The app is developed by Vogue Nepal Studio.

Kathalaya has been working since the last seven years in promoting reading culture by producing children-focused pictorial books – stories, fact books, rhymes and encyclopedias. To further encourage reading as a habit and culture among children, we have now prepared library and reading activity packages for government and private schools. “WeRead”, a division of Kathalaya, produces youth centric and popular literature, focused on motivational books, biographies, novels and travelogues. We have published over 115 titles so far, mainly in Nepali and English languages, while also publishing a few titles in Maithili and Newari languages. 

As publishers, we feel it is important to recognize and expand the Nepali readership as best we can by promoting deserving writers and other publishers. WeRead app is an attempt to digitize Nepal’s literary works to make it accessible all over Nepal and the international market. This will also be the platform for publishers to make new releases instantly accessible to Nepali readers all over the world. We are certain that this effort will help Nepali literature grow and flourish beyond Nepal’s boundaries.


Features of WeRead Application includes Free application download,featuring popular and newly released Nepali books and magazines, application available on Android and iOS platform-based mobile devices and tabs, application will soon be available for PCs and laptops, purchase of books from anywhere around the world through easy and safe national and international payment gateways such as PayPal, eSewa and MoCo (banks in future).

According to a press release issued by Kathalaya, it also includes easy reading features such as adjustable font size, bookmarks and day/night modes, book previews and writing book reviews, an online platform for selling, promoting and marketing books by upcoming authors and publishers, publishers may upload their books on WeRead app on their own. Publishers can keep track of their book downloads onlineaMajor book  and publishers from Nepal are in the process of becoming a part of WeRead app.



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