NEPAL POLICE: Smile Please

After assuming his as the police chief, Inspector General of Police Upendra Kanta Aryal has transformed Nepal Police as a people-friendly institution

Nov. 8, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -10 November. 7- 2014 (Kartik 21, 2071)

Unlike in the previous years, Nepal Police celebratedthe  Police Day differently by inviting a taxi driver who returned half a million rupees left by mistake in his cab by a passenger. The message of the event was clear -- Nepal Police was initiating the process of recognizing the common people who contribute to the society in different ways.

Although the behavior of Nepal Police has been changing since the restoration of democracy, the move by the present chief, IGP Aryal, has drastically changed the handling of wok by police and the behavior of its personnel. The ceremony organised to mark Nepal Police Day reflected this.

With the strength of just over 70,000, Nepal Police has been facing the scarcity of police personnel and modern equipment required to handle sophisticated crimes. Due to lack of police, Nepal Police has been facing problems in deputing enough number of police personnel.

From maintaining law and order to controlling protest demonstrations, Nepal Police is always in the forefront, reaching the site first in any disaster and humanitarian crisis. As the demands of quality and efficient services grow, it is facing a major crunch due to the insufficient financial resources. However, current police chief Aryal has been making efforts not to leave these gaps as they were.

"The role of Nepal Police is very significant in maintaining peace and order in the country," said Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, commending the contribution of Nepal Police to the country in a programme organised by Nepal Police to mark the 59th Police Day.

In its history of 59 years, Nepal Police has seen many ups and downs and sacrificed a large number of its cadets to restore the law and order in the country. Whether it is in the conflict period or peace time, Nepal Police has been maintaining law and order in the society.

"The contributions and sacrifices of the police shouldering the responsibility of implementing the law and order in the nation cannot be expressed in words," said minister Pandey.

Although minister Pandey expressed his firm commitment to ease the work environment by the police, the situation is a bit different. Over politicization has already created a mess within Nepal Police. Although Nepal Police has been working closely to maintain law and order by putting their lives at risk, the organization's role is yet to be recognised.

"Nepal Police has always had a glorious history because of the sacrifice and dedication of those martyrs and brave personalities who have always been an inspiration and source of motivation to the entire police institution," said Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant Aryal. "Martyr and brave Nepal Police personnel who sacrificed their lives for the sake of nation are the real servicemen of the country and people."

Although there are several security institutions, Nepal Police has remained a front organisation in working to protect the people's lives and maintain the law and order in the society. The idea mooted by IGP Aryal to make Nepal Police a people-friendly organization at its 59th establishment day is remarkable.

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