Having spent over two decades in the fight to right the wrongs against women, Bandana Rana deserved her nomination to a high level UN committee

Dec. 26, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -13 December. 26- 2014 (Poush 11, 2071)

In the women's rights movement at home and abroad, Bandana Rana is a familiar name. Her recent nomination to a UN high level committee has valued her contribution to promoting the women's rights.

The United Nations nominated Rana as a member of the experts advisory group for the global study on the implementation of resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council.

Having spent over two decades in defending women's rights in Nepal, Rana is a known voice, actively fighting violence against women and working to promote women's dignified participation in various sectors.

When Rana started her career in the media, she encountered all kinds of discrimination, and this prompted her to organize women journalists to defend their rights. Her initiative brought the Sancharika Samuha, the group of women communicators, into existence to take up the cause of women.

Later, as the executive chairperson of Saathi, a Nepal-based group of women's rights defenders, Rana helped Nepal champion the cause of ending domestic violence at home and rallied for the same to happen around the region.

“The credit to my nomination goes to the excellent collaborative work and the precedence that Nepal has been able to set in the region in the development and implementation of 1325 National Action Plan despite challenges. This will provide me the opportunity to showcase Nepal’s and the region’s best practices and identify major gaps for promoting women's security and participation in all conflict transformation and peace building processes and  I hope that this study will be a medium and roadmap to strengthen national and regional accountability towards this,” said Bandana Rana.

Founder of Sancharika Samuha, a Forum of Women Journalists and Communicators, well-known rights activist Rana is a member of the 17-member global team led by Radhika Coomaraswamy.

Rana deserved the recognition for her unwavering fight for women's rights. Her nomination has shown that dedication and hard work are always valued.

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