Known for his dedication and management skill, Managing Director of Nepal Airlines Kansakar announces plans to improve the efficiency of Nepal Airlines

June 13, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 09 No. -1 June. 12- 2015 (Jestha 29, 2072)

Having modernized Nepal’s telecom system during his tenure as General Manager of Nepal Telecom, Sugat Ratna Kansakar is one of the key architects to purchase new aircraft for Nepal Airlines to make it competitive.

Thanks to his modernization efforts, Nepal Telecom reached the peak, providing all the facilities at a much cheaper rate than the private IPOs. Kansakar, who is known for his action, made efforts to repeat his success in NAC.

During his tenure as executive chairman, Kansakar proposed to purchase two narrow body airbuses and another wide body plane to fly long distance. Due to a series of interventions, his dream did not materialize.

Despite several efforts, the government changed Kansakar's plan and ordered two narrow body 320 modern airbuses.  When this week Kansakar returned as the general manager of NAC, he had ample reasons to rejoice.

“Adding to the fleet is the key to increasing market share. If NAC fails to expand its wings, then there is no use of NAC. We have now two Boeing and two airbus for the international market. The recent addition of airbus is a very positive sign. Making the maximum use of these available aircraft will be my top priority,” said Kansakar.

Along with the opportunities, there are also challenges as well. Although Kansakar took the position for the second time, he knows the weakness and strength of Nepal Airlines. “We have more than 1200 staff and there should be good and open communication and coordination to make the things work out. If there is poor communication and coordination between the departments, it will directly affect the business and send a negative message to our passengers,” said Kansakar.  Three elements will play a major role in enhancing the organizational set up. These are safety, reliability and punctuality.”

NAC’s situation is different from that of the past when Kansakar had joined NAC as a managing director. When he was executive chairman, Nepal Airlines was operating with its two aging 757 Boeing Aircraft. There were irregularities and disruptions of the schedule, losing the credibility. Looking at this scenario, he managed to purchase another two narrow body and one wide body aircraft.

With the induction of two Airbuses, Nepal Airlines still has many difficulties and challenges to deal with.  “We need to recruit at the earliest. We are under discussion for the same. Both things should go simultaneously, buying aircraft and preparing the required manpower,” said Kansakar.

Along with the airbus to fly international destination, Nepal Airlines will also have other aircrafts for domestic flights. With the new aircrafts, Nepal Airlines can make the differences.

With Kansakar at the helm of affair, he will also take the necessary step to make our airlines much cheaper than other airlines. “To make Nepal more accessible and airfare cheaper, Nepal Airlines should break the monopoly and encourage reasonable prices. For this, we need to add more aircrafts," said Kansakar.

With new vision, managerial skills and plan, newly appointed Managing Director of Nepal Airlines, will bring definitive plans to make the institution profitable. “We need to generate more resources to repay interest and loan which stands Rs.10 billion,” said Kansakar.

Although Nepal Airlines suffered some sort of loss in the last two months due to lack of managerial skills, newly appointed Managing director Kansakar hopes to bring some positive change. Like he did for Nepal Telecom, he will put Nepal Airlines at the top through his dedication and expertise.

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