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With the slogan of to help the nation Build Back Better, the twelfth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CNI proposed ways to go for reconstruction

June 30, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 09 No. -1 June. 12- 2015 (Jestha 29, 2072)

After receiving strong support in the International Conference on Nepal's Reconstruction towards a Resilient Nepal, Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has backed the government efforts at rebuilding Nepal through its own slogan of 'Build Back Better.'

At a time when finance minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat is proposing for Nepal's private sector to participate in the reconstruction, CNI's decision will go a long way in helping the government with strong and positive backing.

Concluding its 12th Annual General Meeting, CNI President Narendra Kumar Basnyat declared that CNI was behind the government's policy to rebuild Nepal. "Nepal has been passing through a major crisis following the earthquakes of April and May 2015, with heavy losses of buildings and infrastructures.  The  Post-Disaster National Assessment has shown that 76 percent damage occurred in the private sector," said Basnyat.

As Nepalese industrial sector is badly wounded by earthquake, the country's economic development is suffering.

"If we are unable to address the situation, one cannot rule out the possibility of depression and de-growth in future."

Presenting the damage profile, senior vice president Hari Bhakta Sharma asked what kind of Nepal we wanted to make. "Under the Building Back Better Nepal, CNI has a vision of where Nepal needs to go," said Sharma. "We have different models for rebuilding our nation and what we require is a strong strategy and plan. The earthquake reconstruction should be taken as an opportunity to rebuild our capital and nation as a model for the world."

As Nepal is launching its reconstruction campaign, the role of private sector is important.  CNI President Emeritus Binod Kumar Chaudhari holds the view that Nepal needs a clear vision and there is the need of a visionary leader to implement it. "The earthquake can be a blessing if the visionary leaders take the helm to deal with its aftermath. Chinese leaders took Sichuan earthquake as an opportunity to change the city. They did it. Similarly, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Kumar Modi showed his vision and determination, making Gujarat a model state in the world following Gujarat earthquake," said Chaudhary.

Although CNI has shown its own vision and commitment to reconstruction process, the government, too, has hailed the CNI commitment to work with the government in nation building. "I am inspired and encouraged by the statement delivered by the business community to make Nepal a modern country by building modern cities with all basic amenities," said Mahesh Basnyat, Minister of Industry. "The government needs the support of private sector in nation building. I assured you that I can convey your message for nation building to prime minister.

The message of twelfth AGM of CNI is that private sector is there to work with government to carry out nation building work.

Anuj Kumar Agrawal, vice president of CNI, delivered a vote of thanks.

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