UNFPA Expresses Solidarity With People Affected by the Earthquake

UNFPA Expresses Solidarity With People Affected by the Earthquake

Aug. 19, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 09 No. -4 August. 07- 2015 (Shrawan 22, 2072)

UNFPA pays tribute to all those who helped others in the districts affected by the earthquake in Nepal, against all odds and adversity.  In her statement Giulia Vallese, Representative, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) expressed strong solidarity with the women, men, youth and children who were affected by the earthquake. And we salute the humanitarian workers who strive to meet their needs and uphold their human rights and dignity.

"We salute all officials of the Government of Nepal, security personnel, development partners, aid workers and young volunteers who responded to the immediate and special needs of the earthquake-affected people, particularly women and adolescent girls whose special needs for protection and reproductive health are often overlooked at the onset of an emergency," said Giulia Vallese, Representative of UNFPA in her statement issued on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day.

She salute the Female Community Health Volunteers and health workers from many health facilities and community hospitals for their tireless efforts to respond to the needs of women and girls, including those who are pregnant and lactating. 

"Providing relief supplies, organizing life-saving reproductive health camps, distributing dignity kits and establishing female-friendly spaces in hard-to-reach areas while navigating through landslides, damaged highways and dirt roads as well as walking for days and sleeping in tents at times under very difficult conditions is no mean feat. We hail their hard work and fast actions, including the roles played by so many young people, to reach survivors who were in dire need of help," said Giulia Vallese UNFPA representative

"We also pay tribute to those security personnel who cleared the roads blocked by landslides and heavy rains in many districts and allowed life-saving supplies to be distributed to the communities.  We are particularly grateful to the logistics cluster led by the World Food Programme, for providing storage facilities for various relief items at the KTM airport and in other locations as well as transportation services by road and air, with related costs already paid for. Their support has been invaluable and their dedication and commitment has been instrumental in reaching out to the affected population in the remotest areas," said Representative Giulia Vallese.

 She added that UNFPA stands strong for the human rights and inherent dignity of every human being. To improve humanitarian effectiveness, we call for increased action and funding for sexual and reproductive health services, for tackling gender-based violence and for the need to involve the affected populations in the response, particularly  women and young people'

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