India Asks Nepal's Parties To Resolve Constitution Crisis

India Asks Nepal's Parties To Resolve Constitution Crisis

Sept. 11, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 09, No. -6, September 11 2015 (Bhadra 25, 2072)

India called on Nepal's political parties to collaborate to find a political solution to the vexed Constitution drafting issue that has triggered widespread violence in the country.

Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae discussed the Constitution drafting process and recent political developments in the country during a meeting with ruling CPN-UML's chief K P Oli at his residence at Balkot in the outskirts of the capital.

The 45-minute long meeting mainly focused on the agitation in southern Nepal and the Constitution drafting process initiated by the major political parties, according to CPN-UML sources.

Rae suggested that Nepal's political parties should move forward through collaboration and find a solution to the current crisis, Oli told PTI after the meeting.

"We appreciate the suggestion given by the ambassador and we are ready to move forward through collaboration," he said.

"The suggestion and goodwill shown by the ambassador is positive and we want to settle the problem through dialogue and we are attempting to hold talks with the agitating groups," Oli said.

Ambassador Rae's meeting with Oli is regarded here as politically significant at a time when the southern plains or Terai region bordering India is reeling under month-long agitation, which has claimed 37 lives so far.

Oli, known as the strongman of the ruling alliance, had favoured the seven-province federal model, which is opposed by the Madhes-based parties.

Southern Nepal has witnessed turmoil since lawmakers from major political parties struck a breakthrough deal on August 15 to divide the country into seven provinces.

The Madhesi parties have rejected the proposal, saying the new charter ignores their interests. They demand the seven-provinces model be scrapped and they be given more representation and rights in the new charter.

The new Constitution's drafting began in 2008, two years after the end of Maoist insurgency during which about 16,000 people died PTI reports.

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