BINOD CHAUDHARY: Rewarded For A Reason

For his contributions to the society and human kind, Sri Sri University has conferred an honorary doctorate to president of Chaudhary Group Binod Chaudhary

Sept. 12, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 09, No. -6, September 11 2015 (Bhadra 25, 2072)

For Binod Chaudhary, the month of September is hard work, celebration and recognition. Now he is busy to fulfill his dream to lead the reconstruction of homes and school buildings in earthquake devastated areas. This is a month of celebration as he was chosen for the cover photo of prestigious Forbes Magazine.

All along this, this was a month for milestone for billionaire Chaudhary personally and collectively in his family as Sri Sri University conferred him an honorary doctorate.

At a time when even the government is yet to launch any scheme of building homes for earthquake devastated people, Chaudhary is launching an ambitious plan to build over 3000 homes by next months and hand them over to the poor people. Similarly, he has already built a number of community schools and is in the process making more.

Although it seems like an impossible task, industrialist Chaudhary, along with his son Nirvan Chaudhary, has mobilized entire Chaudhary Group to fulfill his plan. As a man of determination, industrialist Chaudhary can make every impossible mission possible.

At a time when he is in his great mission, Sri Sri University of India has conferred Ph.D. Degree Honoris Causa to Binod Chaudhary, President of Chaudhary Group, for his outstanding contribution in philanthropy.

Chaudhary was awarded the honorary doctorate degree at the Second Convocation Ceremony of the University held in Orissa, India, last week. The University has appreciated Chaudhary’s contribution in supporting philanthropic activities across Nepal on many levels of social welfare, education, sports, health, and youth empowerment.

The ceremony was held in the special presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, founder of Art of Living International, and world-renowned spiritual guru. Chief Minister of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik was the chief guest. Top intellectuals from across India, professors, parents and guardians, and students were present on the occasion.

The University honor comes at a time when Mr. Chaudhary is supporting philanthropic projects of building 10,000 homes and 100 school buildings destroyed in the April 25 earthquake in Nepal. Giving high recognition to his contributions, Forbes magazine has put Chaudhary on the cover of the September issue of Forbes Asia.

In his acceptance speech, Chaudhary stated that education could not be considered complete with acquisition of knowledge. “Education will be complete only when you put knowledge into action,” he said.

Connecting education to spirituality, Chaudhary said that an admixture of spiritual practice, right companionship, and service to the humanity is needed to make the human life meaningful.

“We live in a shared world. It is so connected that you cannot be happy if people around you are unhappy. Serve the people around you, make them happy, and only then can your own life be happy.”

Stating that while one needed to be inquisitive to get education, he said enthusiasm was needed to serve the humanity. “Inquisitiveness generates questions, whereas enthusiasm is to find out how you can make everyone else happy and make a difference. And that will transform you.”

Congratulating the graduates, Chaudhary said, “May you become the lights that show the right way to the people lost in this world.”

Chaudhary suggested the new graduates not to keep the knowledge to themselves but enter into their own fields of work in a way to give a new direction to the world and free the humanity of stress and violence.

The University, envisioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and established in 2009, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral-level programs in different areas. It claims to be the first Indian university free of smoke, alcohol, and drugs.

Taking a great cause to build the home shelters to poor and vulnerable community industrialist Chaudhary has shown that philanthropy is in his blood. He deserves for what he achieves.

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