Strategic Planning of Men Engage Alliance Nepal Announced

Strategic Planning of Men Engage Alliance Nepal Announced

Nov. 14, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09, No 10,November 27,2015 (Mangsir, 11,2072)

Chief justice of Supreme Court Kalyan Shrestha has emphasized on the need of ending gender-based violence and discrimination through active participation of men and boys, as envisioned in the new Constitution of Nepal.

'Gender-based violence is detrimental not only to women and girls but to the nation as a whole', Chief Justice Shrestha said on Thursday at the national conference of activists for gender equality.The conference underway in the capital is organized by Men Engage Alliance Nepal in collaboration with UN Women.

The conference has already approved the Strategic Planning of the network for 2015-2017 with a focus on awareness and advocating program in the sectors of media, education and public sphere. In the initial phase the plan will coverup to seven districts of the county from the central to the grassroots level.

Similarly, Ziad Sheikh, Country Representative for UN Women Nepal Office said achieving gender equality remains a challenge to the world and though many good initiatives have been taken to address inequality the transformation has not been as expected. He further opined that men and boys should sincerely adopt gender equality in theirpublic and private life to help make it a reality in the society.

 Sheikhon the occasion described Chief justice  Shrestha as an ideal personality for gender equality both in words and practice, and urged the men and boys to follow him as a role model.

According to the senior human rights activist and outgoing president of NGO Federation Nepal Sharmila Karki the country lacks suitable laws for gender equality while the implementation of the prevalent laws is also contested.

 Shanti Lakshmi Shrestha, coordinator of Human Rights Magna Meet 2015 called for inputs from all to make the 16 days activism against Violence against Women successful.The participation alone of males won't suffice as what is required is their meaningful involvement in the campaign.

Gender expert Sharu Joshi, members of Network Management Committee Tanka Panta, Mina Bista, Krishna Thapa, Bhakti Thapa also spoke at the program chaired by Kapil Kafle, the coordinator of the network.

Around 100 delegates from 20 districts across Nepal 

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