China Study Center, Nepal opposed the Indian Blockade

China Study Center, Nepal opposed the Indian Blockade

Nov. 25, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.09, No-9, November 6, 2015 (Kartik 20, 2072)

China Study Center (CSC), Nepal sais that its attention has drawn to to humanitarian crisis caused by the blockade that has made lives of the common Nepalese people very difficult.

“Immediately after the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal, our southern neighbor's establishment at the center unilaterally obstructed the entry into Nepalese territory petroleum products like cooking gas, life-saving drugs, including oxygen and other essential supplies that this country imported from India for many years without interruption,” said a press release issued by CSC Nepal by general secretary Dr. Upendra Gautam.

“The blockade has not only disrupted school education for hundreds of thousands of children but has also afflicted the entire population of the country. Indian insensitivity has been felt at a time when Nepalese life hard hit by the devastating earthquake of April this year was gradually returning to normal,” said a press release.

The press release said such blockade imposed by the Government of India with a negative impact on bilateral relations is inhuman, gross violation of human rights and human dignity and contrary to the transit rights of a land locked country, the UN Charter, SAARC agreements, rule-based WTO regime, International law and humanitarian values. The press statement said that recognizing the fact that it goes against the current traditional practice of bilateral friendship, CSC expresses its profound concern and deplores the Indian interference.

CSC commend the the patience and sense of unity shown by the people of Nepal  in a difficult situation. CSC calls upon them to prepare them for the worst eventuality. At the same time, CSC appreciates the stand taken by the Government of Nepal to cope with the situation by maintaining national self respect and upholding high the patriotic feeling. CSC calls upon the government of Nepal to enter into required agreements and build necessary infrastructure so as to make the country self reliant.

“CSC expresses its grateful thanks to our northern neighbor, the People’s Republic of China, which has extended as a good neighbor its hand of friendship and cooperation to Nepal and its people now faced with a critical situation by not only helping this country to deal with the difficult situation but also assuring to provide essential supplies. CSC also takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the UN, the United States of America, the European Union, SAARC member states, other friendly countries, prominent personalities and the international community for their sympathy, solidarity and the spirit of cooperation extended to Nepal and its people in this hour of crisis,” said in a press release.

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