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European Union expresses its commitment to support Nepal

Nov. 28, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09, No 10,November 27,2015 (Mangsir, 11,2072)

The 9th session of Nepal-European Union Joint Commission has concluded with announcement of a new package of support. As in the past, EU has expressed its commitment to support Nepal’s earthquake reconstruction and other issues of development.

As governmentshave failed to use the resources provided by EU, the delegation has also suggested the need to increase the government's spending capacity.

During the meeting, various issues of mutual interest between Nepal and the European Union were discussed. The two sides exchanged views on the post earth-quake reconstruction and European Union-assisted development programs in Nepal, said a press statement issued by the foreign ministry.

They also exchanged views on trade and investment, human rights, refugee issues as well as global issues like Post-15 Development Agenda and international climate change negotiations.

Similarly, the two sides briefed each other on the significant developments taking place in Nepal and EU. The delegation of the European Union reiterated its view that the promulgation of the new constitution is a historic event marking the beginning of a new democratic era in Nepal.The two delegations also shared views on important regional and global issues.

The Development Sub-Commission meeting between Nepal and the European Union, which took place at the Ministry of Finance, had held extensive discussions on the European Union assisted programs and its future priorities in Nepal.

The Nepali delegation was led by Foreign Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi. Acting Managing Director for Asia and Pacific of the European External Action Service, UgoAstuto, led the delegation of the European Union. Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Nepal, RensjeTeerink, and other senior EU officials were also part of the EU delegation.

Attending the press conference, head of EU delegation Astutosaid European Union would provide all kinds of support to Earthquake Reconstruction. “We hope that the government will constitute Earthquake Reconstruction Authority soon.”

He said promulgation of the new constitution was a milestone in the history of Nepal and urged the concerned parties to settle the ongoing political impasse through talks.

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