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Prolific writer Mani Dixit's new fiction Nirvana Lodge depicts the need of peace and tranquility

Feb. 6, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09,No14,February 06,2016 (Magh 22,2072)

Mani Dixit is not a new name in contemporary Nepali literature as he has already written a number of books depicting various social aspects. As his previous fictions, his recently published fiction Nirvana Lodge highlights the need of peace in the land of Buddha.

Author Dixit is clear in his mind and one can see he is full of creativity in his book while presenting the scenarios of life. In his fiction he has chosen various faces, giving a touch of different nationalities. However, his interest is to show Nepal as a lodge of Nirvana, where people can get peace and tranquility.

The author's grasp of situation and the characters produced are very timely. His imagination and words he uses to depict the characters are also interesting. In his novel, author Dixit shows how a peaceful and isolated nation turned chaotic in the course of political transformation. He draws the conclusion that Nepal remains a Nirvana Lodge, despite so many ups and downs.

Whether one reads author Dixit's Shatru of Kathmandu, Friend’s Colony or Come Tomorrow, Happenings in Shangri-La, Conflict in the Himalaya or The Red Temple, one can find a very similar thought, the thought of reconciliation and tranquility underlying these works.

In this fiction, author Dixit, from the very title, has depicted Nepal as a lodge for Nirvana where everyone feels peace and tranquility. Mani is very much inspired by the thoughts of Buddhist philosophy and way of life.

As author Dixit says he has written the book after reading Alan Seally’s book The Everest Hotel. “Some years ago, I had read Alan Seally’s book, The Everest Hotel, and found it engrossing. The book was a good tale about an elderly individual. Frankly, however, the title that attracted me to the book subsequently gave this work of mine a similar title, the Nirvana Lodge."

Even at a time when Nepalese and foreign authors are celebrating Nepal's Literature festival, authors like Dixit, however, seem to have found no place in it. Yet his fiction Nirvana Lodge is a testimony of his writing skills and his ability to depict the situation by using appropriate words.

The language is simple and appropriate and the fiction, per se, is an interesting read, it should particularly hold out an appeal for the younger generation. Although Mani Dixit is a non-English speaker, he has shown his command over the English language and love for tranquility in Nirvana Lodge.

Nirvana Lodge

(Violence in the Land of Buddha)

By Mani Dixit

Published by Educational Publishing House, Jamal Kathmandu

Price: Rs. 225.00 (US$ 6)

Pages: 158


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