At a time when the number of people with oral health problems has increased, Healthy Smile has shown a way to heal them

Feb. 6, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09,No14,February 06,2016 (Magh 22,2072)

“Smile is a cooling system of heart, sparkling system of eyes, lighting system of face... and relaxing system of mind.  So, activate all systems with your sweet and healthy smiles.”

With this motto, Healthy Smile has been working in the oral health sector for the last fifteen years with dedicated professional doctors and latest medical equipment. Led by Dr. Neil Pandey, a well known dentist surgeon, Healthy Smile has established itself as a world class treatment center for oral health problems in Nepal.

“We have gone through many ups and downs which have made us more committed and stronger to serve you better,” said Healthy Smiles, on its Facebook page. “All this could not have been possible without the most important people in our lives, our patients, you; and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our committed team, our doctors, our friends, our well-wishers, everyone out there, thank you for nurturing us so well,” said Dr. Pandey.

Established in September 2000, Healthy Smiles provides all kinds of dental services for Nepali and foreign service seekers. One can see a lot of expats and other Nepalese visiting Healthy Smiles, which emphasizes what everyone knows, a balanced, nutritious diet is essential to a healthy living.   

Located in Lazimpat at Pratap Bhawan, Healthy Smiles offers all kinds of oral treatment six days a week with the best of specialists. Healthy Smiles offers all kinds of oral treatment from one place.

According to Dr. Pandey, keeping your mouth healthy and functional is very important if you wants to live longer, healthier and happier. “You may eat with your eyes first, but your mouth, teeth, and gums are more than just tools for eating. They’re essential for chewing and swallowing—the first steps in the digestion process. Your mouth is your body’s initial point of contact with the nutrients you consume,” said Pandey.

“Brush at night before sleep, interdentally clean your teeth at least once a day. Just like you flush the toilet after use, rinse your mouth with water after every use. Visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your mouth is disease free,” said Dr. Pandey.

At a time when many quack dentists are creating problems in Nepal, one needs to make sure he/she is qualified and genuine, registered with the medical council.

According to a study of Journal of Dental Research more than 2.4bn people have untreated tooth decay across the globe. A large number of Nepalese are suffering from one or the other kinds of tooth problem as well, although no research is readily available on that.

There are ways to prevent the tooth decay, but many people just ignore them. Tooth decay occurs when acids in the mouth dissolve the outer layers of teeth. It is also known as dental decay.

If it is not treated it can lead to problems such as cavities, gum disease or abscesses. The global survey suggests some 621m children have untreated decay in milk teeth.

As the top class medical service is available through the Healthy Smile, Nepal can prevent the number of ailments. For poor people living in remote parts of Nepal, Dr. Neil Pandey has been organizing health camps.

With a strong professional medical practice in dentistry and latest medical facilities, Healthy Smiles is providing the world class service in its clinic in Lazimpat.



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