PRINCE HARRY’S VISITBicentenary Highlight

As Nepal and United Kingdom are celebrating two hundred years of establishment of their diplomatic relations, the visit of British Prince Harry is going to be very important

March 4, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09.No 16, March 4,(Falgun 21, 2072)

At a time when Nepal and Britain are celebrating two hundred years of establishment of their bilateral relations, the announcement of a visit to Nepal by British Prince Harry demonstrates the importance given by the United Kingdom to its historical relations with Nepal.

British Royal families have a strong attachment with Nepalese people as the Royal family members have visited Nepal. Queen Elizabeth came here twice. Crown prince and crown princess and other princes have also visited Nepal from time to time.

The visit of British Royal family has gone to promote the people to people relations, taking them to new heights. Shaken with major jolts by earthquake in April and May, Nepalese people are now in the process of reconstruction and recovery. The proposed visit by Prince Harry to observe the recovery process in the earthquake affected areas is sure to provide a healing touch to the common people.

Since DFID has been providing all-out support to Nepal since the earthquakes hit, Prince Harry’s visit to the earthquake devastated sites will give him a firsthand picture of  the earthquake devastated areas.

British royalty has a great attachment with people of Nepal. The visit of British Royal families often touches the people to people relations. Along with its importance at the official level, this visit will also enhance people to people relations.

 “Nepal government is eagerly waiting to welcome British Prince Harry in Nepal,” said the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "This visit will further strengthen the existing bilateral relations between the two countries.”

Prince Harry will arrive in Nepal on March 20 for his four-day visit. According to Kensington Palace spokesperson, His Royal Highness will carry out four days of official engagements, at the request of Her Majesty's Government, between Sunday 20th March and Wednesday 23rd March. It is the first time Prince Harry has travelled to Nepal.

The tour will begin and conclude in Kathmandu, where Prince Harry will meet President Bidhya Devi Bhandari. He will also meet those affected by the Nepal earthquakes of April and May 2015, to learn about efforts being made to restore buildings of historic significance and to assist disaster preparedness.

Having served alongside Ghurka soldiers in Afghanistan, Prince Harry will visit the British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara, where he will commend the bravery and service to the Crown of an exceptional group of soldiers. He will also learn more about Gurkha recruitment, and the assistance offered by Gurkha forces to surrounding communities in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Like all visitors to Nepal, Prince Harry is also keen to enjoy the country's stunning natural beauty. As such, he will have an opportunity to take part in a trek, and to visit one of Nepal's National Parks.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson said, "Prince Harry is really looking forward to his first trip to Nepal. It is a country he has long wanted to visit. He has been moved by the stories of resilience of the Nepali people following the earthquakes last year and is now eager to learn more about their country and culture. With Britain and Nepal currently celebrating two hundred years of cooperation, Prince Harry will experience the strength of the relationship and traditional warmth of the Nepali welcome."

People to People Relations

As Prince Harry is visiting Nepal, many organizations working to promote relations with Nepal and United Kingdom are waiting for his visit enthusiastically. There are various organizations in Nepal working to promote people to people relations between Nepal and United Kingdom. Nepal Britain Society, Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and organizations of returnees of Nepalese students are among them.

The people to people relations between Nepal and United Kingdom have always been strong. Among British citizens who married to Nepalese wife of former   finance minister Madhukar Sumsher Rana Mrs. Greta Rana has made enormous contribution to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

At a time when all talk of the bicentenary celebrations of Nepal-Britain relations, Greta Rana’s contributions to boost the ties through images, books, and memories are exceptional.

Headed by Pratima Pande, Nepal Britain Society has been holding various programs. Under the leadership of Pande, Nepal Britain Society has been playing an important role in fostering ties between Nepal and Great Britain by promoting cultural and social programs and strengthening harmony and understanding between the two countries.

Headed by industrialist Rajendra Khetan Nepal-Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industries has been playing important role in bringing the business communities from both the countries together.

As Nepal’s Gurkha connection with UK is two hundred years, there are many related organizations working to promote people to people relations. Similarly, Nepalese students who returned after completing higher education in United Kingdom do have their organizations promoting this relationship.

With the visit of Prince Harry in Nepal, alongside their state to state relations, Nepal and United Kingdom, will also see their people to people relations getting stronger.



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