NEPAL ARMY Disaster Response

As Nepal continues to be haunted by disasters, recently concluded bi-lateral disaster response exercise between Nepal and U.S. has helped to enhance the related capability

Oct. 4, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 10, No 5, October 7 (Asoj 21, 2073)

Whenever there is disaster, Nepal Army is in the forefront. It has shown its capability after the major earthquake of last year, carrying out prompt rescue and rehabilitation work.

As Nepal is prone to all kinds of disaster, including earthquake, flood and landslide, Nepal Army and other agencies need to be prepared, enhancing their own capabilities.

The recently concluded bi-lateral Disaster Response Exercise Exchange (DREE) between Nepal and U.S Army was part of a process to strengthen the capability of all concerned authorities in Nepal.

 “Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange in full swing: I am highly impressed to see the exercise being conducted in such a realistic manner. Exercises of this nature will help us a great deal by taking away confusions and keeping us more focused on our task in the event of a real disaster. I would like to commend all those involved in the exercise for their dedication and hard work. A job well done!!” writes COAS General Rajendra Chhetri in his Facebook Homepage.  

“In order to step up our efforts to enhance our capabilities in disaster response and rescue, ‘Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange’ (DREE), has been jointly organized by the Nepalese Army and USPACOM. A total of 46 foreign participants from Bangladesh, Canada, China, Maldives, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, UK and USA are taking part in the exercise. I am confident that joint event of this nature will guide us towards becoming better prepared against disasters and ultimately, help us establish a disaster resilient society,” said COAS General Chhetri.

This is a part of disaster response collaboration focused on earthquake preparedness between U.S. and Nepal Government.

The participants of the program include exercise participants from Nepalese Army, Ministry of Home Affairs, U.S. Army Pacific Command(USARPAC), Armed Police Force, Nepal and Nepal Police.

The opening ceremony included remarks by the U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, the Chief of the Nepalese Army and representative from UN.

“I am glad to have the Deputy Commanding General of the US Army Pacific, Major General Gregory Bilton, visit us today at NA HQ. NA has always had a close relation with the US Military and today’s meet has proved to be a step forward towards exploring new areas for cooperation.”

In his concluding remarks, Lieutenant General Baldev Raj Mahat highlighted the importance of the exercise in disaster response particularly in the earthquake response for future.


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