Nepal and Russia celebrate the sixty years of establishment of their relations

Oct. 4, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 10, No 5, October 7 (Asoj 21, 2073)

Sixty years ago when Nepal and Russia established diplomatic relations, it was a very historical moment for Nepal to receive the recognition from a super power. Although the global order has changed, Nepal-Russia relations remain warm and friendly. Russia continues to provide the much-needed to support to Nepal to be independent and sovereign.

Although the level of technical and economic assistance has declined, Russia continues to offer other support. Non-residential Nepalese from Russia are among the biggest investors in Nepal. They have been contributing in tourism, banking, energy and other sectors.

Ambassador of Russian Federation Andrey S. Budnik hosted a reception to celebrate 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Russia. Vice President Nanda Kishore Pun was the chief guest of the reception.

Addressing the reception, ambassador of Russian federation to Nepal Budnik said, "throughout out the history, our bilateral relations have been of rationally friendly in nature and have never been clouded by any contradictions or differences. Russia values peace loving foreign policy of Nepal and its adherence to the principles of non-alignment and peaceful coexistence."

“Our country provided substantial  and free of charge assistance to Nepal  in the development of national economy, having constructed a number of industrial, social and infrastructural facilities in Nepal,” said ambassador Budnik.

“Nepal and Russia established diplomatic relations on July 20, 1856. On December 27, 1991, Nepal recognized Russia as a successor of state of the USSR. At the same time contacts between representatives of our countries have deeper roots.

Since the first visit by Russian scholar IP Minev in 1875 to study local tradition and culture, contact between Russia and Nepal started. Having trained more than 7000 technical experts, including engineers, doctors and people of other profession, Russia has a major contribution in modernizing Nepal.

“In Nepal, there are over 7000 graduates who had completed  their higher education are in special careers in different fields of engineering, medicine, law, science etc from Russia,” said Ganesh Shah, former minister of Environment and Science and Technology. “Time has come to expand our relations for mutual benefit of people of both the countries in the field of science and technology,” said Shah.

As  Nepal and Russia celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations, the coming years and decades will bring them for much closer and warmer ties.  The presence of deputy prime minister and home minister Bimalendra Nidhi, high-level government officials, intellectuals, business community was a testimony to Nepal’s close relations with Russia.



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