Japan to support community and School Disaster Preparedness in Doti

Japan to support community and School Disaster Preparedness in Doti

Jan. 5, 2017, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.10, No.9, December. 16, 2016 (Poush 01,2073)

The Government of Japan is extending financial assistance of 299,218 US dollars, equivalent to approximately 32,399,325 Nepalese Rupees, to World Vision Japan (WVJ) under the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects scheme.

World Vision Japan, an international NGO based in Japan, together with World Vision International Nepal, will work with a Nepalese partner NGO, Community Development Center (CDC), to implement the Project for Community and School Disaster Preparedness and Resilience in Doti District.

A grant contract relating to this project is scheduled to be signed and exchanged on January 6th between Masashi Ogawa, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, and Naomi Kato, Grant Project Manager, World Vision Japan, at the Embassy of Japan in Nepal.

The goal of the project is to plan for disaster preparedness and resilience, increase awareness and provide education in disaster preparedness in one municipality and four VDCs in Doti District. This goal will be achieved through three main activities.

According to a press release issued by Embassy of Japan, the goal will achieve through development of safe school environment (model school development). Under these ten schools in the target area will be reconstructed to be earthquake-resistant and be model schools. Water tanks and sanitation facilities will also be improved in each school to create a safe learning environment.

The program also includes improvement of disaster risk management systems in schools and communities. Under this program, enhancement of school improvement plans (SIPs) and planning of school based disaster risk management plans (SBDRMPs) of 30 schools will be carried out in the target area. Local disaster risk management plans (LDRMPs) will also be developed through this project.

Similarly, dissemination of model school efforts and actions will be made.    In order to disseminate knowledge from model schools to other schools, awareness activities will be conducted. Communities will be supported for reaching out to the local authorities to improve school safety. Meanwhile, the project supports communities to develop a system so that they will be self-reliant to solve local issues.

“The Embassy of Japan in Nepal expects this project will successfully improve community and school disaster preparedness and resilience and will also enhance the cordial friendship between the people of Japan and Nepal,” reads a press release issued by Embassy of Japan.


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