Japanese Assistance for water Purification System in Dhulikhel

Japanese provides Assistance for the Project for the Installation of Water Purification System at Dhulikhel Hospital and Ravi Opi Village

March 13, 2017, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.10,No. 14. March 10,2017, (Falgun 27, 2073)

The Government of Japan has extended financial assistance of US Dollars 82,800, equivalent to approximately Nepalese Rupees 8,828,000, to Kathmandu University under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) scheme of the Government of Japan in Japan’s Fiscal Year 2016. Kathmandu University, a public university in Dhulikhel, will work with E&T, a private company, to implement the Project for the Installation of Water Purification System at Dhulikhel Hospital and Ravi Opi village.

According to a press release issued by Embassy of Japan, a Grant Contract relating to this project is scheduled to be signed and exchanged at the Embassy of Japan to Nepal on 14th March, between Shinya Machida, Charge d’Affaires a. i. of Japan to Nepal, and Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University.

This grant assistance will be used to implement the project at Dhulikhel Hospital and Ravi Opi village in Kavrepalanchok District and aims to improve the water quality.

“In Nepal, about 80 percent of the households have access to running water but it is said that 40 percent of water pipes badly need to be repaired. As for the houses without any access to running water, this tends to create a heavy burden for women and children who have to draw water from the river or from a common water place. Meanwhile, due to the low quality of drinking water, diarrhea is prominent, especially during monsoon in Nepal. This also influences the school attendance of children and overall health of the residents,” said a press release.

Kathmandu University, established in 1991 and developed as a leading academic and research institution of Nepal, has been working with its partner, E&T, to assist the improvement of the water quality in Ravi Opi village, situated near Dhulikhel. As a result, it was found that an ozone purification system would eliminate most of the contamination.

With this project, the water quality of Dhulikhel Hospital and Ravi Opi village will improve and the patients, medical staffs and residents will be able to access safe water. The system will be managed by the hospital and local water management committee by utilizing batteries as well as solar panels to maintain the system.

“The Embassy of Japan in Nepal expects the success of this project will benefit the residents of the Dhulikhel area by improving access to safe water, and will also enhance the cordial friendship between the peoples of Japan and Nepal,” said a press release.

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