The world that we live in seems so colossal and limitless. I reckon that fashion is a way to strive within these people and set an identity apart from this endless trail. Fashion is an emblem of your identity, your status, your culture, your confiden

May 11, 2017, 5:04 p.m.

 “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” -Coco Chanel

 Have you ever caught yourself flipping through the latest Vogue pages when instead you should have been working? Guilty pleasure admitted. Some call it rage, some say mania, I prefer to use the word fashion. Fashion has evolved over the years; it incessantly changes with the fashion enthusiasts, who want the latest line of couture within the blink of an eye. The world that we live in seems so colossal and limitless. I reckon that fashion is a way to strive within these people and set an identity apart from this endless trail. Fashion is an emblem of your identity, your status, your culture, your confidence and most importantly - you.

 The Untitled is a fashion blog co-founded by two young and aspiring fashionistas - Shreya and Priyal Mewara. When asked what fashion meant to them they said, "Fashion is an expression of your identity, it’s your second skin." I couldn’t agree more. A multifaceted fashion designer and artist was bewitched by the magic of fashion ever since her childhood, her sister on the other hand stepped into the world of fashion when she was 20. Both these sisters have a common ground that this initiative "is a medium to showcase our self-initiated endeavors and an attempt to talk about all we know of the fashion world."

 These young women intend to indulge a blend of ethnicity to their modernized designs. They believe that one’s identity can truly be depicted through fashion when one carries a trace of ethnic to their style, whether it be in accessories or in shoes. They have carried out several photo shoots related to style and tradition inspired from a multitude of countries, Nepal being one of them. After analyzing the Nepalese fashion industry, these stylists say, "It is interesting the way people dress up in Nepal. What we wanted to achieve with this was to give a modern twist to fashion that is less practiced in Nepal."

 Priyal Mewara is effortlessly stylish in this one piece that is cinched enough emphasizing on a feminine silhouette. Undoubtedly, a blend of crimson red and mustard yellow screams Nepal to me. The faded colors that complement the yellow turtleneck is inspired by women of the Terai region. They have a penchant of playfulness and I absolutely adore how they have jazzed up the look by opting for Hindu paitaan footwear bringing back the 90’s trend.

 Presented by these sisters is a feminist artwork that speaks for itself. They hope to convey a story through this image that is inspired by the concept of zen patterns, a sensation of liberty, and the formation of a modern female youth culture. The image is an attempt to make a powerful statement and showcase the idea that women take a leap forward as they modernize at the same time their outfit shows something so intrinsic to Nepalese culture.

 The second image is yet from another series, which draws motivation from Nepal. The black self-made piece of accessory placed on the forehead is inspired from the traditional Limbu ornament called ‘Samyanfung’ that represents the sun. The Mewara sisters present a gracefully draped floral fabric and hues of gainsboro with orchid pink and lemon chiffon accents to complement the plain charcoal blouse. A royal yellow piece of cloth is wrapped around the waistline sparked from ‘patuka’, another traditional yet elegant piece modeled by Nepalese women.

 As they say, "Their love for fashion has culminated into a designer label which is inclined towards eco-friendly and sustainable fashion." These young entrepreneurs paved their way up here after a lot of experience in several companies and hard work. Shreya Mewara, a graduate of London’s Istituto Marangoni fashion institute, and Priyal Mewara, a graduate of Delhi’s SRCC, have worked with several labels and fashion designers; 7am Design label, Michelle Lowe Holder, Roksanda Ilincic and Tata Naka, to name a few.

 Fashion has many arenas to it - the chic with dash of glamour look, the vibrant hippie look, the graceful with an edge look, the ruffle trims and glitter look, ethnic and cultural aesthetics. I believe that ‘The Untitled’ is the way to go if you want the best of all these worlds. The Mewara sisters don't just put together a fashion attire through their work but ignite an art, a story, and a feeling.

 After all, as Mark Kielburger says, "Give our generation a chance; our generation may just surprise you."

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