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COAS General Rajendra Chhetri’s recent visit to the United States has enhanced Nepal’s diplomatic image

June 5, 2017, 2:21 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 10, NO. 20, June 2- 2017 (Jestha 19, 2074)

Every state uses different channels of diplomacy -- civilian diplomacy conducted through regular diplomatic missions is one of them.

Equally important and valuable for the country’s image and security, however, is the military diplomacy. Along with securing the national border and defending the national sovereignty, the modern day military institutions are handling diplomacy as well.

With the chief of Nepal Army visiting countries abroad, the institution's clout is growing. In his last 20 months of tenure, COAS General Chhetri made visits that took him to African countries where he observed the state of Nepalese peace keepers.

There were also return visits from other countries as well. Chiefs of Indian Army have been regularly visiting Nepal. Similarly, Chinese Defense Minister also visited Nepal.  In an international peacekeeping training, high level U.S. Army Generals, among others, visited Nepal.

These activities were not exceptional. Having almost six decades of experience in peacekeeping operations around the world, Nepal Army has earned the country name and fame through the UN Peacekeepers.

Following the appointment as COAS, General Chhetri has made several visits to different parts of the world. Among the visits, his recent sojourn to the United States of America on the invitation of U.S. Army is very significant.

As U.S. Army has been extending support to enhance the disaster capability of Nepal Army and U.S.’s contribution in the last earthquake was very significant in terms of number of personnel and equipment, this visit of COAS General Chhetri has helped to strengthen the relations between the two armies.

During the last year’s border crisis, the visit of COAS General Chhetri helped ease the tension. As an old institution of Nepal, Nepal Army has shown that it has the capability of handling the modern-day diplomacy at the global stage.


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