International Conference on Child’s Health and Development Opens

Director General of Child Health Division of Ministry of Heath inaugurated International Conference on Child’s and Development amid a function on June 8.

June 8, 2017, 12:28 p.m.

Director General of Child Health Division of Ministry of Heath inaugurated International Conference on Child’s and Development amid a function on June 8. Organized by France based International Non-governmental Organization Action against Hunger or Action Contre La Faim, various paper will be presented two days conference by the experts from various parts of the world.

Welcoming the participants Sudipta Badapanda, country director of Action against Hunger Nepal highlighted the importance of the international conference in the context of fighting against the malnutrition in Nepal and around the world.

Cecile Bizouerne, Action Against Hunger (France) spoke on combating mental health and child care practices and Action Against Hunger approach to child’s health and development. She said the conference contributes in improving children’s lives, maximizing their abilities.

Experts, researchers, scholars and activists will share their works and research on fight against hunger. “The conference addresses the importance of the first  1000 days of life that are known to be the foundation for multiple aspects of the child’s development such as emotional, cognitive and moor that will favor the Child’s mental and physical well-being,” said a press release issued by the conference.

As our organization has launched a program in Saptari district and now working in various other districts to fight against malnutrition, this international conference is very important for us to carry out more effectively in Nepal,” said Dr. Ojaswi Acharya, deputy country director of Action Against Hunger in Nepal.

ACF implemented the program Nutrition and psychological intervention for Treatment of children Uncomplicated SAM aged 6-24 months admitted in CMAM program in Saptari, southern part of Nepal.

Since fight against the malnutrition is one of priority areas of Nepal government, sharing national and international conference will contribute Nepal to implement the program with results.

“With the overarching issue of child’s health and development has emerged as a growing body of programs and research worldwide. Recent findings or advancements in studies that have the potential to improve child health services and child care practices are presented and discussed, “reads conference paper.

According to the conference paper, the presentation will cover areas including maternal mental health, parenting skills, child cognitive development, prevention, treatment and measurement of under nutrition including nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions.  Besides, the scientific aspects, the conference allows rood for debate on the role of field agencies as research actors, the collaborators between NGOs and academics, and the challenges they face in implementing and opertionaliging research as well as added value they bring.

The experts from France, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, USA, Zambia, South Africa and Nepal will present the paper and participate in the program.




Director General of Child Health Division of Ministry of Heath Inaugurating the International Conference on Child's health and development

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Guests at the inaugural function

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