Empower Nepali Youth In Technology: Experts

With the participation of various experts and technological Spiralogics International organized a seminar on Empowering Youth in Technology.

July 2, 2017, 4:04 p.m.

With the participation of experts and young technologists, Spiralogics International organized a seminar on Empowering Youth in Technology.

 Focused on “Development of Nepal” and empowering the Nepalese youth for greater achievement, educationalists, technology leaders, and young innovators came under a same roof and discussed how to minimize the gap that exists between education system and the IT industry.

 Delivering the opening remarks, managing director of Spiralogics, Krishna Prasad Upadhyay thanked the participating guests. Meanwhile, the Operation Manager of Spiralogics, Anukha Wagley welcomed the participants and highlighted on history of Spiralogics and the new beginning of Spiralogics Institute of Technology(SIT).

 Educationists and  former Dean of KU, Prof. Dr. Mana Prasad Wagley emphasized on Nepal’s trending education system and its effectiveness in migrating students from education system to a professional workforce. Informing that a majority of the youths in Nepal are only textbook-literate, Wagley stressed the need to mix the country’s education system with IT to increase youths participation in IT sector.

 Addressing the seminar, Saunak Ranjitkar, the CTO of Spiralogics Inc, spoke about the challenges Nepalese youth face today in meeting expectations in the IT industry. “Spiralogics is not just an institution but a family,”said Ranjitkar. He noted the continuous investment Spiralogics has made in the youth of Nepal since 2009. He said, “The vision for Spiralogics Institute of Technology was born from years of successes and failures I had experienced.”

 According to a press report, Matthew Stonehouse, one of the business analysts working with Spiralogics, discussed the benefits of youth innovation in Nepal. He said that the youth will always have bigger opportunities in the IT sector as compared to other sectors as IT is an ever-growing industry in the present context. Romkant Pandey, the Vice President of CAN and TU Lecturer, talked on “Gap between academia and industry”.

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